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        This section is about what this page stands for, and what punk music means to me. Basically, punk music is the essence of my life, and that is why I decided to create this page.

    A few years ago I saw John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) on television (my dad saw him live when he was with PiL).  I thought he was hilarious! I knew a little about him and the Sex Pistols...  I decided to download some Sex Pistols songs off the internet, and read the book John wrote about the Sex Pistols.  I had already been into some punk music, or what I thought was punk music, but this was PUNK RAWK at its prime best/worst. Also, my dad has always been into punk music... I grew up listening to it, but I did not fully acknowledge it... I didn't understand it or try to ( hey, I was a kid!).
    Well, that is how I got into punk music.   I have just "evolved" from there into everything from the Dead Kennedys to the Exploited..., to even some new skool stuff like Rancid... I kick myself for it though. HARD!
    This page is basically about punk culture, the best culture in the WHOLE WORLD! I like everything about it- the anti-fashionism, politics, and of course... the music!! There is not any other music so primitive but powerful as punk music. I love it! Lately, I have really been into Oi! and NYHC punk.

        Recently, I have found myself really into DIY  and political things. I feel that almost ALL new skool punk is commercial and fake. I feel that for something to be punk, it needs to have powerful lyrics... and songs about masturbation (Blink 182) are not punk.
        I have really been looking into human rights also... along with a few anarchy things. I feel before any type of government or not can come to play, basic rights need to be established and met. Everyone, no matter if they are imprisoned or not, should be able to have the rights of free speech and free thinking. Freedom to practice whichever religion they wish, as long as they don't bring physical harm to others. And freedom to live, no matter what race or sex they are.
        But back to punk music. I have really been into the Crass philosophy, "Fight war not wars, destroy power, not people." Which is basically saying I pretty much believe in anarchy overall.


    Anarchy is a bunch of BS, if you think about it. In the real world, it isn't going to get you anywhere or anything except 10 days in jail for rioting or what not. I am sick of cliches, being a cliche, a stereotype. Punk "fashion" is a whole cliche. You dont have to have spiked hair and wear chains to be a punk. Not that there is anythign wrong with it, i used to and it suited me fine, but I have progressed into my own complete style. ANd I am satisfied.

UPDATE #3 "Thug Life"

    Some people are very close minded. I think a large percentage of people today stick with one type of music and do not venture into others. I once, called rap shit. Some of it is. Then again, I am not a fan of all punk music. Most "new skool" punk sucks. Blink 182-esque vibes just aren't for me. I have ventured out and tried other music types. Classical music is good, for anyone-the basics. I have listened to oldies somewhat, I can really get to into that. Then there is classic rock, some of it is descent. And I even listened to rap. I dont hate it.  I still enjoy punk the best, but You gotta dip your chip in all the dips and try them all, ya dig? And as long as youre the only one using that bowl, you can double dip. You know, that sounds really analogical. Whatever it means.

September 23,00
    I sit here at my newly rearranged computer room, listening to from the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah with my dad. Negative Creep. I am pondering how I feel about everything. This summer, I met al ot of interesting people, as well as closed a few friendships. I made, however, three excellent friends, Jen, Allie, and Dani-my ladies. We all have wonderful times together.   

    What makes them different than all of my friends is that they love punk music. Now, what I have determined for all you punks out there is have more friends than just punks. Yes, I love allie and dani and jen a whole lot, but diversity in friends makes life more enjoyable and you will not get sick of people.

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