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"I'd sell one of my songs for any car commercial in the world that paid enough money. But to stay in the Top Ten for weeks on end when I'm in my forties by letting Glen Ballard write songs for me? Fuck that." -- SCOTT WEILAND

"I like O-Town. I think we go good with O-Town. We could do a tour." -- WEEZER's MIKEY WELSH

"I don't think too many things go out of style. They just start to suck, like bands." -- STEVE JOCZ of SUM 41

"I used to drink a lot of beer, but I was just getting fat as can be. Now that we've had a little success, I can afford to drink wine." -- BLINK-182's TOM DELONGE

"I'm a horrible basketball player. But Jim Beam said 'We'll give you free booze.'" -- PAPA ROACH's COBY DICK on playing celebrity basketball

"It doesn't have to be about 'I'm the best looking guy,' because I'm not. But I will walk in and fuck your girlfriend no matter how good-looking you are." -- GENE SIMMONS of KISS

"If Jennifer Lopez could write songs like Fiona Apple's, she wouldn't have to spend so many hours at the gym." -- GARBAGE's SHIRLEY MANSON

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