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twist to open v2.0

sum 41...all killer no the album you dumbass...

twist to open v2.0

"I'm not normally a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman." -Homer J. Simpson

punk rawk show

expressions for women on high-stress days

8/10/01: Again, the whole "not updating" thing always gets in my way, lol...yeah....i made a funny quotes page...some are funny, some aren't....i just figured i couldn't fit all of them on the starting page...speaking of which, d'ya like my oopsy daisy pic? i stole it *grins*. isn't that what i always do? anywho, WARPED IS TOMORROW, and i have an exam (swimming) tonight so i hafta go study (not like i'm actually going to, i just want it to look like i have a life) ok BUHBYE -melissa

june/july 2001: Sorry ppl...i know no one goes here anyway, but if u do, i haven't updated in ages...due to my new webpage that i made with franny .:canadian:gc:girls:., and i had exams and all that shit going was not fun...ok lol a bird just smacked into my window as i'm typing this...stupid well i'm going to warped on august 11, and i'm going to EDGEFEST II!!! see the counter's featuring *ahem* BLINK-182-! GOOD CHARLOTTE!!!!!!! NEW FOUND GLORY!!!! (jordan and chad....*drools*) SUM 41!!!!!!! JIMMY EAT WORLD! MILLENCOLLIN! yep. i'm so happy :P *cant*breathe* aaaaa....OH and i do have some pics of me that i'm gonna put up after i finish writing this..go *here*, and there's pics of me, ppl i know and SUM 41 and GC!! aaaa...ok i'm way too hyper now....buhbye! have a hot summer...right....BYE!

"I always found it hard to get up in the mornings--one of the legacies of my teenage bout of depression, at least that's what i liked to say. It was probably just laziness, but calling it depression made me feel a lot less guilty."---"Lucy Sullivan is getting married" by Marian Keyes
"You say i'm a bitch like it's a bad thing..."


AAAHHH!!! Run away!!

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The Billboard Top 20 Modern Rock Tracks

Listen to my LAUNCHcast station! please? i wanna be a popular dj!!! lol

i love this song... Lifehouse
Hanging By A Moment

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