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concert review by danielle

this is the silverchair concert review from march 20th 1999 in toronto, ontario, canada that danielle went to and she was kind enough to type this up and let me use it...enjoy

My friend Dana and I left from London (Ontario, not England!) around 3:30 and we had the 2 hour drive to Toronto! We arrived at The Warehouse around 5:30 and we were really excited!! This was my second time seeing silverchair, and this was Dana's first so she was probably more excited.

Since the day before I promised my online friend Jennie that I would hand out flyers for The Daniel Johns Liberation , which she runs so I went around to all the fans who were lined up and gave them flyers.

When I walked around the corner we arrived at the front of the line and my friend Marcella was one of the first people so we got line with her and her friends. And John Watson came outside, so I became face to face with silverchair's manager.. that's probably the closest I will ever to get silverchair, but oh well!

The doors opened around 7, and they let a group in at a time. I was in the first group! And since there was silverchair posters (the promotion one for Neon Ballroom, you might have seen it in stores advertising it) were everywhere so everyone was taking them off the walls. And so my friend Dana took 2 off one for her and one for me!

Ok.. now onto the actual show. The first band was Grinspoon, I must say. I really liked them!! They put on a good show. The singer was either drunk or stoned, and he sprayed beer on me and everyone who was around me (I was at the front).

Next band that came on was Lit. I didn't really like them that much. But I was excited to see them cause my friend Kells met them when she saw silverchair in phildelphia. So I was just curious to what they are like. During their second last song, I left second from the front because I was about to passout. All these teenies were pushing me against the girl infront of me and I couldn't breath. So when I was leaving I told them. "Hey, silverchair isn't on yet. And besides your close enough to your precious Daniel.. so FUCK OFF!". It just slightly pisses me off that I get hurt because they are teenyboppers and wanna be close to the guy they claim to be "in love" with. I mean I was second from the front dammit, and I was only there to see the band play but I would like to front cause every concert I go to I am near the front. I wasn't really impressed.

silverchair came on around 10:00ish. I am not sure exactly when though, but it felt like forever. So I was talkin' to this chick beside me, and she also was from London (ontario) as well. It seemed like forever, and all these girls kept pushing us cause they wanted to be closer so we would push them when the got in front of us. silverchair eventually came on, and the opened with Emotion Sickness. It was so beautiful, I wanted to cry! That's one of my fave songs off Neon Ballroom too. I don't remember what songs they played in order. The songs that I remember them playing were Israel's Son, Ana's Song, Tomorrow, Pure Massacure, Miss You Love, Satin Sheets, Spawn Again, and they played a song they haven't played live yet and I think that was Point Of View. I forget some of the comments Daniel made, I wasn't paying all that much attention that I can't remember every little thing he talks about. But I do remember when Ben took over the mic and had his camcorder and he said "ok on the count 3 say, I love you Ben" so of course on the count of 3 we all said it. Daniel who came out smiling (it was nice to see him smile, since he seems to be really down these past few months) and said something about how that's the Ben they have sex with before and after the show.. or something like that. Now, if I can remember correctly they closed the night off with Spawn Again, the song they haven't done at all or at least not that much. So I was pretty shocked to hear it!

And yet again, thanks to Danielle...