silverchair bio
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silverchair bio

The info is on my fave band, silverchair.
The band consists of Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou.
The band started in their hometown, Newcastle, Australia.
Daniel sings lead vocals, plays guitar and writes the lyrics and music, while Ben plays drums and Chris plays bass.
Their first name was Short Elvis, then it was The Innocent Criminels and, finally, silverchair. The name silverchair popped up when the guys were requesting songs on a local radio station. They wanted to hear Nirvana's 'Sliver' and You Am I's 'Berlin Chair'. Chris wrote 'em down combined, and misspelled sliver which became silver and ya add that to chair and you get silverchair. (Now it all makes sense!) They didn't use a capital letter because they thought it looked stupid, but ppl screw it up anyways!
Their first album was Frogstomp, which was released in 1995, Freak Show in 1997 and most recently, Neon Ballroom which will be in stores worldwide Tuesday March 16th, 1999.
They started the band in their early teens and before they graduated from high school, they had sold over 4 million albums.
They won a contest from Triple J studios in Austalia. Their entry form read, 'We're not hip or hop--we're rock. We love to write, live to play, PICK US, hear what we have to say!'


He plays guitar and writes the lyrics and music for the songs. Daniel is a vegan (It's more serious than a vegetarian), he has two rings on his left eyebrow and he has asthma. He once dyed his hair bright pink (don't ask!). His family consists of his mother Julie, his dad Greg, his brother Heath (17) and sister Chelsea (9). He has a dog named Sweep, which he found in a garbage bag along with 7 other puppies (5 were dead) and a rabbit named Jack. Sweep sing vocals on the track "Steam Will Rise" on Neon Ballroom. The name "Neon Ballroom" is showing a mixture of modern (Neon) and classic (Ballroom) rock. His birthday is April 22nd, 1979 and his nickname's Johnsy. In elementary school, he played the trumpet, and when he was 8, he played violin. A prostitute once took Dan to court, claiming he stood outside her window screaming "I love you" at the top of his lungs and stalking her. During the time she claimed that he did this, he was in New York. When he was younger, Dan had braces. Daniel has approximately 24 guitars. His fave movie is Pulp Fiction. He likes to sleep (I can relate) and he hates red M&Ms (huh?). And if anyone cares, he's 5'11. For even more info on the band, go to Chairpage, the official site.