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Updated 19 May 1999

XAYMACA CRAFT LIMITED which brought this collection together ceased trading 1999/3/31 due to many problems in the Jamaican craft industry and economy. The products shown here are no longer available through Xaymaca but this website will be maintained as a record of Jamaican craft. Prices shown are therefore for reference only.

Xaymaca will continue its very successful Alter*native Market on the last Saturday of each month at 16 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica. Tel/Fax 876 968-0579. Contact person: Hector Townsend.

The Xaymaca Story

Jamaican Craft

Traditional Jamaican hampers contemporized in bright colours, in various sizes,
made from the fibre of the
hook vine in the foothills of the Blue Mountains.

Item No. Description Size Price US$
111SC101 3" Plain Hook Hamper 95x75x75 mm 1.59
111SC102 6" Plain Hook Hamper 150x110x110 mm 2.45
111SC103 9" Plain Hook Hamper 220x130x130 mm 4.19
111SC111 3" 1-colour Hook Hamper 95x75x75 mm 1.75
111SC112 6" 1-colour Hook Hamper 150x110x110 mm 2.89
111SC113 9" 1-colour Hook Hamper 220x130x130 mm 4.99
111SC114 9" Plain Rectangular Basket 220x100x100 mm 5.25
111SC132 6" Multicolour Hook Hamper 150x110x110 mm 3.85
111SC133 9" Multicolour Hook Hamper 220x130x130 mm 5.49
111SC134 12" Multicolour Hook Hamper 300x180x180 mm 7.99
111SC135 15" Multicolour Hook Hamper 400x280x280 mm 11.59
111SC231 6" Multicolour Rectangular Basket 150x100x100 mm 4.39
111SC232 9" Multicolour Rectangular Basket 240x150x150 mm 6.89
111SC233 12" Multicolour Rectangular Basket 300x160x160 mm 9.19
111SC234 15" Multicolour Rectangular Basket 380x250x250 mm 12.59

Sizes are approximate only.

Calabash carved and trimmed with leather to become a perfect purse.
No two alike, in six sizes from tiny to extra large.

Item No. Description Size Price US$
126AC111 Tiny Carved Gourd mm 4.70
126AC112 Extra Small Carved Gourd mm 5.80
126AC113 Small Carved Gourd mm 7.00
126AC114 Medium Carved Gourd mm 9.90
126AC115 Large Carved Gourd mm 12.50
126AC116 Extra Large Carved Gourd mm 16.00

Sizes are approximate only.

Four original designs in olde-world style printed and laminated on sturdy hardboard
make attractive place mats. Also available as trays.

Handcarved and painted wood acrobatic puppets, in four characters:
boy, monkey, Jamaican policeman, and Rastaman.

The Xaymaca Craft Collection


1999 Xaymaca Craft Limited - All rights reserved


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