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Black Rooster Soap

Jelly Jar Gel Candles


When we sell Jelly Jar Gel Candles at stores and craft fairs, we have to open a few so folks notice the wicks inside. People ususally do a "double take" and exclaim, "Oh, they're candles!". These candles are clear (usually, but not always) and often bubbly looking (kinda like champaign), and are often mistaken for homemade jellies and jams. But they are not edible!

(See bottom of page for Important Precautions about using Jelly Jar Gel Candles.)

All Jelly Jar Gel Candles
come in 8 oz. Jelly Jars,
have lead-free wicks, and
burn approximately 60-90 hours each!
Retail, $7.50 each
Scents Available:
True Lilac
Lily of the Vally
Maine Balsam
Sea Spray

Check out the "Special Pricing" at our GIFT GIVER'S Page!


Gel Candles (just like any kind of candle) are considered a fire hazard and could cause personal injury unless you adhere to the following recommendations: place on a heat resistant surface; never burn unattended; keep out of drafts; do not move while lit or until gel hardens; keep free of foreign objects; keep wick trimmed to 1/4 (one-quarter) inch; stop use when 1/2 (one-half) inch of gel remains; do not burn for more than 4 (four) hours at one time; keep out of reach of children; to extinguish, replace cap tightly.

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