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DDClient Control for Visual Basic

Test and demonstration programs

The DDClient package comes with test applications in compiled and source code form. You can try out the full DDClient control using its pre-compiled test program. You will not be able to modify this test program until you have a design time licence. You can however modify the test program for the demonstration control. The screen shot of the test program will give you some idea of the functionality offered by DDClient.

DDClient test harness screen shot

Every Windows shell supports the channel with Service name and Topic name both Progman. A request for item "Groups" in a conversation on this channel returns a list of the program groups. These names are preset in the supplied test programs. If you hit "Connect" and then "Request" the list is shown, as in the example above. Hitting the "Execute" button at this point instructs the Windows shell to display the "Accessories" program group. The shell also accepts DDE commands to add, remove and modify program groups.

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