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Meeting a Portland Pet Store Dealer








On October 1, 2004 my wife and I took a trip to Portland Oregon. A P-Fury member "Hollywood" took us around to see some of his favorite pet stores.  One in particular owned by a fellow named "Tony" was unusual. Not to mention his oddball tank that featured Archer fishes, but even more fascinating was the 4-eyed fish sitting on a rock staring at us! The Nigerian Sail fin Mudskipper (Periopthalmus barbarus) was very friendly critter that allowed some petting. The fish was appropriately named Smeegle after the Lord of The Rings character. I wish now I had taken a photo of it, but thanks to Karin (and her daughter) they later emailed me a photo of the mud skipper:


"Smeegle" a mud skipper. Photo by Karin, Aquariums Alive

"Smeegle" photo courtesy of Karin from Aquariums Alive.


I kept  busy looking at all the fishes including some hybrid discus in one of the tanks. Tony also had a large aquarium with some massive sized piranhas in them, some appearing to be well over a foot long.  During the visit his lovely wife, Karin, came by and she was kind enough to write down some information I could share with hobbyists in the Portland area that might wish to visit their store; Aquariums Live, 7983 SE 17th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202, Ph: (503) 239-7228 or TTD: (503) 473-8383. You can also visit their web site; Aquarium Live for more information. You can also email Tony at: or


As we were getting ready to leave, Tony wanted to thank me for legalizing piranhas in Oregon and he gave me a beautiful Paraguay/Argentina fish (P. nattereri) (see photo, left) he had in his large display tank. This fish is commonly known as "Ternetzi" and it will certainly be a valuable piece of my small personal collection. Lastly, I thank them both, Tony and his wife, for their warm and generous welcome. They certainly embody the true spirit of traditional neighborhood pet store and I wish them continued success and growth during these troubling economic times. 







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