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Meeting P-Fury Member grosse gurke (Jeff)







During my visit at a Portland area pet store (October 1, 2004), a fellow I wanted to meet, but for some reason we couldn't connect earlier in the day, showed up unexpectedly! Hi Frank! were his first words to me as we shook hands and began our conversation. 


Jeff (grosse gurke) is a staff member for Piranha Fury Forum and a hobbyist who's kept piranhas for some time.


Jeff bought his first 2 red belly piranhas (P. nattereri) in Oregon prior to them being legal, this was in circa 1990. The fish died a couple years later due to as Jeff stated, "a complete ignorance of fish keeping and water chemistry." He decided to hang up the fish keeping thing for a while. Jeff states; "I really didn't know anything about keeping fish anyways." Jeff would get back into fish 6 years later when he saw some baby reds in a pet store in Wisconsin. He researched these fish online prior to buying them. His fish tanks have been increasing ever since. As a case in point, Jeff can now unequivocally say "I have never lost another fish by improper care....and only one to predation." Jeff is fascinated with the genus Serrasalmus because of its wide variety, beauty and personality. He has kept 9 different Serrasalmus species including S. rhombeus, geryi, sanchezi, elongatus, eigenmanni, manueli, maculatus, brandtii and irritans. He also has one of the few multiple S. geryi tanks that has been together longer than 2 years. At P-FURY visitors can view Jeff's collection of piranha photos in the gallery section.


Jeff is a graduate from Portland State and is currently the CFO for a non-profit company in Oregon. We are hoping to have another (much longer) meeting in the near future and both of us look forward to it.






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