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Yarn by Mail at Great Savings!
$4.50 skein- Scroll down for a list of Colors!

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    • Ironstone Heather- is it green or deep deep grey? Beautiful!
    • Natural Oatmeal Pale Grey Heather- This is a subtle color, a warm grey, both earthy and elegant.
    • Natural Charcoal Grey- that rich perfect midtone grey- great alone or as a background for rich color work.
    • Deepest Charcoal- a great color to use alone or as a dark background for other colors!
    • Verdegris Heather- a beautiful color, but hard to describe. Green, blue, grey like the color of lichens or oxidized bronze...
    • Navy Heather- Like blue jeans! A great color for casual wear or for an elegant blue sweater.
    • Raspberry Heather- reds violets, very rich and dark.
    • Brick red heather- Rich, reds, oranges and maroons blended to an earthy red.
    • Evergreen Heather- A deep spruce green heather, like the Shadows in the great North Woods.
    • Fog heather- Palest lilac heather. Just lovely!
    • Lilac Heather- a true lilac, darker than Fog, lighter than plum!
    • Plum Heather- a wonderful color- just like the blush on a stanley plum!
    • Aquamarine Heather- palest turquoise-aqua. Delicate yet bright, a nice mid pastel.
    • Blackberry- a Blue Violet Heather- deep, rich, like the bloom on blackberries or dark purple grapes!
    • Butterscotch Heather- yellow amber apricot peach honey? A lovely yellow heather.
    • SOLID COLORS:Wine-Maroon , Deepest Spruce Green, Cherry red, Black, Natural Aran White.

    How Much To Order?
    How to Order?

    Well, our sheep are waiting to be sheared again, but we have a good supply of yarn waiting to get turned into sweaters and scarves and socks and mittens. But we only have so much until Spring, so order early. Supplies are always limited.

    Our yarn is 100%wool, and comes in four ounce skeins, or about 113 grams. Each skein has about 210 yards of yarn in it.


    For hats, mittens or socks, you'll need about 2 skeins. For vests or kid's sweaters about 4 skeins. For vests or kid's sweaters with lots of cables,about 6 skeins. For a plain-knit woman's sweater, or a big man's vest, about 8 skeins. For a woman's cable sweater or a man's plain-knit ,about 10 skeins. And for a huge, long, cabled sweater for that giant hockey player husband 14 to 15 skeins MAX!!


    If you don't like it we will take it back. We also take back extra un-opened skeins of yarn, so if you order too much, no need to worry! You can trade it in, hold a credit, or get a refund, whatever makes you happy!


    We ship via UPS or U.S.Postal Service. In the U.S., we charge $3.00 for any amount of yarn. $3.00! That's it! For orders to Canada, please e-mail us, and we'll figure it out!


    We accept personal check, Money Order and even Visa and Mastercard. For sale items it's best to call or e-mail us to make sure we have the color you want left. Otherwise you can order by phone, mail or e-mail! Phone:207 667-7463 Address: Aunt Rhodie's / 23 West main St./Ellsworth, Maine 04605

    DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER! Not really. It's only an Address Change Warning. As of July 1, 1999, to comply with new emergency e-911 regulations,our address will be 23 West Main Street in Ellsworth, Maine 04605 instead of 22 West Main Street in Ellsworth, Maine 04605.


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