"Aunt Rhodie's Clearance Sale Wool Yarns"
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Wool Yarn Sale!
Only $3.00 per 4 ounce Skein!

January 29, 2000

These are the same great yarns we are famous for. We just have these particular dyelots in limited quantities.Most of these yarns won't be available inlarger quantities until after our Spring shearing. When ordering, it's a good idea to indicate second, or possibly third choices, and whether you would take a smaller number of skeins of a particular color. We will try to keep this page updated on a weekly basis... BUT we always have some yarns on Sale, so contact us even if we've been lazy and the web page looks old!

Here's what we have in solid colors. Get them while you can!

  • Black- solid black- great for somber elegance or as an accent color to make lighter, brighter colors really stand out. Only 8 skeins left.
  • Bright Red- scarlet, zingy, hot pepper red! Only 5 skeins left.
  • Bright Blue- A brilliant royal blue, great alone or in combination with other bright colors. 5 skeins left.
  • Dark Green, a rich evergreen. 15 skeins left.
  • Peacock Blue- bright turquoise- a fun color to use in ethnic or fair isle knits. Great with Bright Red and black! 5 skeins.
  • Bright Yellow- zippy bright color, great for accents. 5 skeins.
  • Bright Orange- just like a crayola color. Fun for accents. 5 skeins left.

Un-Dyed Yarns in the Sheep's Own Colors!

Wonderful for Icelandic style sweaters, or in combination with dyed colors.

  • Natural Aran White- creamy unbleached white, just the color for a traditional fisherman knit. Only 22 skeins left.
  • Pale sheep's Grey- an oatmeal grey, soft hard to describe. 10 skeins remaining.
  • Medium Charcoal Grey- A nice storm cloud grey. 12 skeins left.
  • NEW! Slate Grey with 20% Nylon- great for socks since it can be machine washed on gentle setting.12 skeins.
  • Deepest Charcoal Grey- dark, dark, rich, rich! 15 skeins left until Spring.

Heathered Shades Too!

Rich subtle heathers... our own rugged but soft fleeces, dyed in the wool and then blended into colors with overtones, tints, textures...

  • Raspberry Heather- wine, with magenta, violet overtones, 20 skeins left.
  • Brick Red Heather- like sunlight on an old red brick building. I love this color! 10 skeins.
  • Navy Heather- just like your favorite worn-in pair of blue-jeans-16 skeins left.
  • Blackberry Heather- dark violet blue heather like ripe blackberries, 16 skeins until April.
  • Plum Heather- the color of a purple plum with the bloom still on. 20 skeins are all we have.
  • Fog- a delicate violet color, not pastel so much as muted, ghostly, shimmering! 20 skeins left.
  • Lilac-a nice light medium violet, very pretty. ^ skeins.
  • Sunrise Heather- a muted salmon copper color- 20 skeins left.
  • Sunset- a smokey plum rose hard to describe but very nice, just like the reddish purple colors in the sky at evening. 16 skeins are left.
  • Butterscotch Heather- a soft golden color, the only yellow I carry! 15 skeins.
  • Aqua Heather- clear, sparkling, light, bright.14 skeins.SOLD OUT until Spring 2000.
  • Evergreen Heather- deep blue green like the dark North Woods. 16 skeins.
  • Oak Heather- a rich tan brown just like oak laeves in fall! 15 skeins.

Remember all of these yarns are guaranteed to please or you can send them back! We are charging $3.00 for shipping...but that's for any size order, so take advantage of this great chance to pick up some real wool yarn at incredible prices!

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