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Attention Doll Collectors

Liquidation sale of entire inventory of several hundred dolls;
Find me a buyer, earn a percentage of the sale for all collectibles,
Please contact me via email.

Hamilton, Effanbee, Ideal Dolls, Ashton Drake Porcelain Dolls, Franklin Heirloom Dolls, Danbury Mint,
Barbie Dolls and outfits, American Heritage, Colonial Heritage, House of Lloyd, Duck House,
Georgetown Collection, Princeton Gallery, Vogue Ginny Dolls, Little Debbie Dolls, Storybook,
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, a large doll house.

Inventory of Dolls
Click on a photo below to see each collection.

Collection of Dolls

Barbie Collection

More Barbies

Ashton Drake Porcelain Collection

Email me with questions or to negotiate your offer

Kathy SE

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