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MASTERíS PROGRAM Master of Religious Education

The student will complete not less than 10 hours in Bible, 10 hours in Theology, 20 hours in Education, and sufficient additional hours(including his thesis) to complete 60 semester hours of study, if he plans to serve as an Educator.

For those studying Sacred Music, the 20 semester hours will be in Sacred Music (or, at the discretion of his major professor, some of the course work may be in professional musicianship).

Master of Divinity

The student will complete the Pastoral Ministry course as required by the Southern Episcopal Church. This normally requires a minimum of 96 semester hours. A thesis is required. 24 hours in Bible (at graduate level) is required; a minimum of 24 hours of Sacred Theology; Canon Law, Liturgics, and Church Administration are also required of all M. Div. students.

Other Degrees

Bachelors Degree Studies
Doctoral Studies
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