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Recent Show Photos


Harrison greeting the Con-Agra audience at their annual Christmas party in December of 2002.

The volunteers of Phi Mu demonstrate their "steps" as members of the Harrison Smith Dance Troupe! (August, 2002)

The ladies of Phi Mu Sorority at the University of Ga. enjoy the show! (August, 2002)


Performing for the National Sales Meeting of J&J Industries in January, 2002.

Harrison salutes a "U.S. Astronaut" during an encore performance at the Altamaha Technical College in November, 2002.

Harrison with his volunteers at the Newnan Country Club show in August, 2002.


Harrison's technical Director, Evan Jones,

with Harrison, following the Newnan Country Club show.

Photos from shows in 2002



The Walker School student body enjoying the Harrison Smith show! (January, 2003)

Let's do the twist!


Now we are going to count to 10!

The audience is having a great time!

Now tell us what you see?

The Walker School show in Marietta, GA, on January 16, 2003



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