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Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith
Stage Hypnotist
Harrison Smith

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Hypnotism is Extraordinary Entertainment!

Although Stage Hypnotist and Psychic Entertainer Harrison Smith is fully knowledgeable in modern hypnotherapy and parapsychological techniques, his show is presented for its high entertainment value.  Most of your audience have never seen anyone actually hypnotized in person.  They will be amazed and delighted that this stuff really works!

Stage Hypnotist

Stage Hypnotist and Corporate Entertainer
Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith presents his hilarious hypnotism show on the road
Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith
presents his hilarious hypnotism shows on the road!
Psychic Entertainer

Hypnotism Shows that are Suitable for all Audiences!

Harrison will delight your audience with his highly developed ESP abilities and fun-filled, fast paced demonstration of the powers of hypnotism starring volunteers from your audience. With careful concern for the dignity of his volunteers, Harrison will amaze your audience with the wonders of hypnotism.  The entire show is presented in a light hearted manner as Entertainment.  There is no attempt to change anyone's belief or disbelief in the psychic.  The show can be performed for non-English speaking audiences if an interpreter is provided.  Harrison travels nationally and internationally.

Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith putting volunteers under a hypnotic trance at a sci-fi convention
Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith
putting volunteers under his "spell" at a sci-fi convention.

Hypnotism and ESP are Timely!

With the popularity of such T.V. shows as Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, Psychic Powers, and several others, it is obvious that the public is fascinated by demonstrations of the extraordinary powers of the mind.  Harrison Smith will exceed your expectations at your next banquet, convention, show, or corporate event with his ESP and Hypnotism Show.  Shows are approximately one hour in length, depending on your needs.  The subject matter is Now!  The opportunity to see this delightful, fun, and entertaining show is Now!

Stage Hypnotist

Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith, The Southern Gentleman and Psychic Entertainer performs for a corporate convention banquet in New York
Photo by Eduardo Patino, NYC
Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith
performing for a corporate banquet in New York.

Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith is Experienced!

Harrison Smith is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Psychic Entertainers Association, International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and the Parapsychological Services Institute, Inc.  Harrison is also a past recipient of the prestigious Marky award.

Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith 'enchants' volunteer member of audience!
Photo by Eduardo Patino, NYC
Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith "enchants" volunteer

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Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith with A.I.U. volunteers
Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith with
American International University volunteers

Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith with Greenville, SC, 1st Night volunteers
Greenville, SC, 1st Night volunteers, under Harrison's spell,
think they are symphonic conductors conducting a symphony orchestra!

In January of 2000, Harrison appeared at his alma mata, the University of Georgia, to present his show for the 5th annual "Dance Marathon" benefiting the Children's Miracle Network for the second year in a row to the delight of the audience of several hundred and the volunteers.
Harrison addresses the audience prior to the induction.
"Deeper and Deeper with every breath you take!"
The volunteers "reach for the sky" at Harrison's suggestion!

"Yes, I am a Japanese Emporor!"
The Harrison Smith Dance Troup!

Harrison Smith Performs in Singapore!
In April of 2000, after traveling by way of Toyko, Japan, Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith presented his stage show for a large corporate gala millenium celebration at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Singapore.
Harrison was booked through a leading event planner based in Singapore.   Harrison said of his trip, "I had a great time!  The people were friendly, warm & receptive, and Singapore was beautiful!"  Harrison was assisted by a world class Singapore based audio, lighting and event staff.  Of them Harrison said, "They were very professional and the sound and stage equipment that they provided was top notch!"
 See right for views of the city of Singapore.

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