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Poetry - Five Senses Poems

Original Work by Kevin Dobson - Made in 'Template' Style

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I wrote these in English 9 Honors. Some of them are pretty okay, and they are really easy to do. The purpose is of course to try and communicate an emotion by appealing to your 5 senses through metaphor and simile.

The template is really simple, you can make your own:
2 It sounds like SOUND,
3 It tastes like TASTE,
4 It smells like ODOR,
5 EMOTION feels like FEELING.

Sadness is frozen blue,
It sounds like despairing silence,
It tastes like milk gone sour,
It smells like a chilling breeze,
Sadness feels like ice freezing your organs one by one.

Broken-heartedness is dark, cloudy grey,
It sounds like a whimper bitten back,
It tastes like dirty, slushy snow,
It smells like the lack of a familiar perfume,
Broken-Heartedness feels like your heart is about to fail.

Rage is a bright, hot red,
It sounds like an inhuman shriek,
It tastes like the sweet salty blood of the enemy,
It smells like sweat,
Rage feels like your blood is adrenaline.

Happiness is a warm yellow,
It sounds like a cheery whistle,
It tastes like sugar you steal from Wendy’s,
It smells like dinner cooking,
Happiness feels like you have wings.

Fearlessness is a mottled silver,
It sounds like the chuckle of one about to die,
It tastes like water, with a hint of lemon,
It smells like a new leather jacket,
Fearlessness feels like spitting at bikers.

Stupidity is a copper-brown,
It sounds like homer saying “D’oh!”,
It tastes like erasers covered in graphite,
It smells like burnt toast,
Stupidity feels like hitting your head on the wall.

Kevin Dobson does not necessarily condone:
The consumption of: sour milk, dirty slushy snow, human blood, illegally acquired goods, erasers/graphite.
Theft, or any other criminal acts.
Hitting your head against the wall or other forms of self-injury.
Burning toast.
Spitting at bikers or other forms of harassment.

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