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It has been a long time since any content was updated on this website. I would like to sincerely apologize to my long devoted Qbasic fans. I lost access to Angelfire for many years, but I'm proud to announce that I finally was able to recall my hosting information.

Listed below is my new website. You will also learn about my story, the road I traveled, and why I left the Qbasic community. These days I am concentrating on web development and other things. Below is a picture of my website and the URL to visit it or on the picture.

Update: I will be updating a lot of the content on this website. To prevent throwing off my old school users, I will try to keep much of the original design. However I am planning to add the tabs you see on my new website so there will be access back and forward to both.

So please sit tight and get ready to experience a whole new world of development since I began this website back in 2001.

Finally I want to thank you so much for your patience and for my period of silence. I am back now and it is going to be better than it ever was. I promise.

You can click on the URL below to see the new Qbasic page there. Please leave me your feedback in the forums and I will respond. I would like to explain also that I was heavily attacked by spam back in the days and didn't get a lot of your messages. Anyway, just would like you to know everything is good now.


ProgrammerMind Web Site

Below is a review that was done on my website many years ago. As I reflect back now and let this sink in I do realize that I was poor on web design. However I received a Bachelor's degree in 2011 in Web Development which resulted in the birth of my new website (as seen above).

I am hoping to generate the audience I had before and see what people have been up to these days. Also if you are still into Qbasic, let me know about your website and I'll post them here. Hint: This will greatly increase your web traffic and customer base since this is an "old-school" website. It generated a lot of interest back in the days when I worked on it. Although it is not pretty to look at, that will change over time.

Pete I want to thank you for the review and teaching me what I needed to learn about design. In return I have attached a backlink for people to visit your website below. I hope it reaps you the rewards that I will soon be enjoying.

As I explained above, I didn't want to change everything all at once or somebody may have think I was hacked. Over time, I will gradually implement new changes. Finally I am excited about this new journey and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Steve Morrow

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Filename/Size Description of Game Rating Screenshot
TALBOT'S VISION "Talbot's Vision". This was an RPG I developed in Qbasic back in somewhere around 2005. I was hoping that this would have been popular, but I never stayed with it. However since I have gotten access to Angelfire again on 11/1/13, I have decided to include it here as a download for old time sakes. It even includes tile screen scrolling in a large maze. Game author: Steve Morrow Very Good Talbot's Vision
BALDIO2 "Baldy 2". This is a better version of the old Baldio game. Features include side scrolling and a larger screen. There was an original Baldy game, which consisted of a very small screen. The controls in this game are easy and Baldio can also jump from ledge to ledge. Game author: unknown Very Good Baldio 2
GIMPWAR "Gimp Warrior". You are a warrior that must defeat various foes with powerful weapons. Game author: R&W Software Very Good Gimp Warrior
HAUNTED "Haunted Halloween". Venture through a graphical haunted house using key commands. Game author: Jason Jackson Haunted House
MAZE1 "Mazes of Misery I". The original game that started the maze craze addiction. It is recommended to download Mazes of Misery II for even more fun. (See below). Game author: Steve Morrow Mazes of Misery Classic
MAZE2.1 "Mazes of Misery II". The newest version now has even more action and animation than before. You not only have to dodge dangling spiders, but you also have to watch out for the floor spikes. (Screenshot enlarged below. This is reccommended for advanced players only. Game author: Steve Morrow Mazes of Misery II
MISERY "Mazes of Misery". This is version 1 to Mazes of Misery 2. It is becomming a favorite game by many players on the Internet. This is reccommended for novice players only. Game author: Steve Morrow Very Good Mazes of Misery Classic
MURDER "Murder Quest". Explore a large world with drawn out scenes in hunt for a killer. Similar to King's Quest. Game author: Joe Murder Quest
NEWYORK "Mystery in New York". You play the role of a detective in New York. Excellent graphics & gameplay. Uses SCREEN 12. See Screenshots below. Game author: Steve Morrow Mystery in New York
RPG "RPG DEMO". This is a nice start of an midevil RPG. Journey through forests, cross bridges and visit many kingdoms. The only downside is that the graphics are very basic. No modes of shading and poorly drawn. Game authors: TJ & Webmaster RPG Demo
SKULL "Skull". Explore a maze while avoiding many obstacles and creatures. This game inspired me to create Mazes of Misery I & II. Game author: Plenssen Skull
TRAPPED "Trapped". Text/Graphical game where you enter commands to unravel a mystery. Game author: JDewbre Trapped in Paradise
TRUCKIN "Truckin' USA". 3D type game where you control a truck driving down a 2-lane road. Has a good physics engine, but only uses basic graphics. There are also only 2 turns in the game. One turn takes you to another path, the other one leads you over a cliff. Game author: Marak Good Trucking USA

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