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What Are Angel Pages...

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Join TTC Teens 2000 by entering your e-mail address in the above box. TTC Teens is a list for youth (under 24) who are currently trying or seriously considering getting pregnant. To find out more go to the groups information page

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Enter your e-mail address in the above box to join Our Angels, a list for teens grieving after the loss of a child. The group provides much needed friendship and support to teens who have lost a baby during or after pregnancy. To find out more about Our Angels, go to the main information page

Angel Pages was created on February first 2000. It is here to provide a place to remember your child...and have a page for your child. If you have your own page, please send me the url and I will add it to the site directory, or if you don't then please send me an e-mail or use the form provided and I'll build you one, though it may take a week or two as I am a high school student and have a very busy life at the moment! Angel Pages also includes free Angel Pages e-mail, links to active lists for teens and adults who have lost a child, as well as lists for those trying to concieve, a guestbook, a message board, and hopefully much, much more! Please bookmark this page and visit often as it will be constantly growing and changing!

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Most of the people I know who have lost a child feel that they are now "angels". Please visit our Angel Gallery to see some beautiful angels I have the honor of displaying here by clicking on the image below.

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Angel Pages

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