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IMAGINOCEAN: The Short Stories of Jack Dalton

This is the collection of short stories that inspired the creation of IMAGINOCEAN, the theatrical production causing a sensation wherever it goes. Along with the eight stories from the performance, this book includes other short stories, many of them recorded for the nationally syndicated radio program, Stories of Our People.

Following are two short stories included in both the book and the performance:

The Creation Legend of the Yup'ik People
This story is based on the actual Creation Legend from the village of Paimiut, where Jack's natural family is from. Retold by Jack, the storyline remains essentially the same, while the scope of philosophy has been widened.

The Two Teachers
A powerful tale of true friendship between two teachers who don't meet for a very long time. Subtly referencing Asia, this story is heartfelt and moving as the characters discover cruelty and bliss simultaneously while in search of their great teachers, who happen to be each other.

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