WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE Monday Night Raw

September 10, 2007

Recap by Sassy, comments in italics

Mr. McMahon and Jonathan Coachman come to the ring at the beginning of Raw.  McMahon promised us last week that this week we would find out who his illegitimate son is. We know it is a male and he is a current WWE superstar, which is a good thing because the crowd is drowning McMahon out. McMahon tells us his son is at Raw tonight. McMahon says he can take some solace in knowing that his son is not from Green Bay, WI, however Mr. Kennedy is on the cover of WWE magazine.  McMahon tells Coach to tear up the copy of the WWE magazine he has. Raw is obviously being broadcast from Green Bay, WI this evening.  McMahon says he has been humiliated long enough and he wants to know who his son is. 

We hear Khali’s music and Khali and his interpreter come down the entrance ramp to the ring. McMahon introduces the World Heavyweight Champion, The Great Khali. The Great Khali speaks and we can’t understand a word except something about son. Khali’s interpreter says that he may have some insight into all this due to the clue – things are looking up and that can only refer to one man, the Great Khali. Khali says he never grew up with a father’s affection.  Khali says he would be honored to be called The Great McMahon. 

We hear John Bradshaw Layfield’s music and JBL enters the arena and comes to the ring. JBL says Khali is not his son, he says that things are looking up could be the m o n e y.  JBL says they he and McMahon are just alike, both are self made millionaires, both exceedingly good looking, McMahon owns wrestling, JBL is a wrestling god, they go to the same barber in New York City. JBL wants to change his name to JBM, John Bradshaw McMahon.

We hear Jeff Hardy’s music and the Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy, comes to the ring. Coach stops Jeff and wants to know why he is there. Jeff says he doesn’t know.  He has a father but he keeps getting these strange messages on his answering machine that every time he is in the ring, things are looking up.  McMahon says that Jeff could be his son. Jeff says he sure as hell hopes not and unlike the other guys in the ring, he is just waiting around for someone to tell him he is NOT McMahon’s son. JBL gets in Jeff’s face and Jeff gets right back in JBL’s face. JBL then gets in Khali’s face…sort of.

Mr. Johnson, the mother of McMahon’s child’s attorney, is on the monitor speaking to Mr. McMahon. McMahon demands to know who is son is. Mr. Johnson says he has an answer and the answer will be revealed tonight just not right now. McMahon wants to know if his son is in the ring right now and Mr. Johnson tells McMahon that his son is not Jeff Hardy.  Jeff Hardy is relieved. McMahon decides to put Jeff in the ring with The Great Khali, champion against champion.

I agree with Jeff Hardy. My bet is they will wait till the end of the show tonight to break the news to us about the identity of McMahon’s son.  That way they believe we will watch until the end of the show.

We see a recap of London & Hendrick beating Benjamin & Haas to get a shot at the tag team title. 

Ringside Announcers:  Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Ring Announcer:  Lillian Garcia

Monday Night Raw is being broadcast from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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Paul London, weighing 197 lbs., from Austin, TX

accompanied to the ring by Brian Kendrick


Lance Cade, weighing 250 lbs., from Nashville, TN

accompanied to the ring by Trevor Murdoch

Kendrick & London won the tag team championship while overseas. Their title reign lasted three days.  They lost the titles again to Cade & Murdoch before they returned to the states.

Audience Favorite:  Paul London

Winner:  Paul London after Kendrick takes down Cade while Murdoch was trying to interfere with London and got the referee involved on the other side of the ring. London gets the pin and the win.

I like London and Kendrick because they work well together, they are quick and they fly.  Kendrick outside the ring was nearly as active as London was inside the ring. I am fond of Trevor Murdoch too, but I think that has to do with his ties to Harley Race’s wrestling school.

JR tells us that John Cena has been banned from the building tonight because of what he did to William Regal last week.  Lawler says Cena did what he did to Regal because of what Randy Orton did to Cena’s father.

Triple H is backstage making a sign that says WWE.SHOP.COM and shows a new t-shirt.

Promo for Unforgiven this Sunday.

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JR gives us a recap of the Cena/Orton feud and what occurred on Raw last Monday night between Cena and Regal. We are shown the security in the parking lot hired to keep Cena out of the arena.

Vince and Coach are in Vince’s office and Coach tells Vince that he has placed extra security around the building to keep Cena from doing anything to Coach like he did to Regal.  Vince tells Coach he doesn’t want to go through any more embarrassments like what he has gone through since this son thing came up. Coach tells Vince there is a place online where fans can go and vote on who they think Vince’s son might be. Vince asks about it and Coach said the number two choice was right outside the door.  Vince wants to meet him and in walks Stevie Richards from ECW. Vince shakes Stevie’s hand and then starts to laugh. Vince says he knew the audience could be way off and they were way off on this one. Vince wants to know who the number one choice was. Coach gets nervous and says that the number one choice is Triple H. Vince looks a little uncomfortable.

JR gives us a recap of the feud between Carlito and Triple H, including the handicap match last week between Triple H and Carlito & Umaga.

We are backstage with Todd Grisham and Carlito. Carlito says he is not nervous about facing Triple H because the only time Triple H is tough is when he has a sledge hammer in his hand.  Carlito says he would like to thank acting general manager, Coach, for allowing Carlito to pick Triple H’s opponent tonight.  Carlito wants Triple H to pay special attention to what happens after the match tonight.

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Triple H, weighing 255 lbs., from Greenwich, CT


Benjamin Shelton, weighing 248 lbs., from Orangeburg, SC

accompanied to the ring by Carlito

Audience Favorite:  Triple H

Winner:  Triple H with the pedigree after Carlito attempted to draw Triple H’s attention.

After the match with Benjamin down, Carlito goes after Triple H with a chair. Triple H takes the chair away from Carlito and chases Carlito out of the ring and up the ramp – like as scalded dog, to quote JR.  Coach comes out to the arena and tells Triple H that he should be used to what is happening to him since he has embarrassed Vince and since he sabotaged the video Vince made for his daughter and Triple H’s match at Unforgiven against Carlito has been changed.  It is become a No Disqualification Match for Carlito only.

Carlito sits down at ringside with JR and Lawler. Carlito regrets his choice of seats shortly after the match begins.  I don’t know where Shelton got the idea to dye his hair blonde but he looked much better using his natural color.

The slightly anticipated rivalry between King Booker and Triple H, the King, when Triple H returned, will not be considered as a story line since King Booker has left the organization. The rivalry between Triple H and Carlito should give Carlito much deserved exposure. I am not sure why the writers keep making Carlito a heel but he does play the part well. Shelton will be going it along until his partner, Charlie Haas, completes his suspension from WWE.

We are out in the parking lot with the Security team checking vehicles as they come in. We then see Orton walking toward the ring and JR tells us that Orton is the reason for the entire problem with Cena.

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We see Green Bay Packers members in the audience as we return to the arena.

We hear Randy Orton’s music and Orton enters the ring. We are again shown the clip of Cena taking out Regal last week. The cameramen can certainly get some unflattering footage of Orton when he is in the ring. Orton is in the ring to address Cena and to tell Cena how he will be losing the WWE Championship when he faces Orton at Unforgiven. Cena arrives through the audience and Security tries to stop him, but he gets in the ring and goes after Orton. Orton runs up the ramp and Cena tries to get through the security workers in order to get to Orton.

I am still at a loss as to why Orton was not punished with the other wrestlers at the same time over the Signature Pharmacy client list. I would think as much trouble as Orton has been since he has been with WWE, he would have been the first one sitting out for at least 30 days if not more. I have heard conflicting stories from WWE says he previously admitted he had a problem to the rest of the locker room denying he was ever punished. 

Vince and Coach are backstage and Coach is trying to explain to Vince how Cena got in the ring. Vince says he wishes Regal was there and that Vince could throw Cena out anytime he wanted to. Cena and the security bunch comes around the corner and Cena talks to Vince about how he cares about his father and how he is going to make Orton pay for what he did and that it is something even Vince can understand before security shows Cena the way out of the building.

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Candice Michelle comes to ringside with her championship belt.

Mickie James, from Richmond, VA


Jillian Hall, from Louisville, KY

Audience Favorite:  Mickie James

Winner: Mickie James with the three count.

Beth Phoenix shows up after the match to take out Mickie, Jillian and eventually Candice when she tries to help. As a female who has the type of heels Candice was wearing all I can say is “You can’t fight someone with those shoes on!”

Beth may come out like a class female heel, but I still believe she is a very talented wrestler. Mickie James is another big favorite of mine.  She’s not tall, in fact I think most of the female wrestlers have her beat in height, but she is a very talented wrestler.  Emphasis on wrestler.

Undertaker promo for Unforgiven this Sunday.

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We see a recap of last week’s Sandman taking out Santino Marella with Maria in the ring.

Santino Marella


The Sandman

Marella takes the mic and says that it is a very sad time for him and all of Italy with the loss of Luciano Pavarotti and at least he passed away before he had to watch “The Condemned” with Steve Austin on DVD.  (NOTE:  I still haven’t stopped laughing over the Austin dig.). Marella then tells the people of Green Bay how lacking in culture they are. 

Audience Favorite:  The Sandman

Winner: The Sandman by disqualification when Marella uses Sandman’s kendo stick.

You have got to like The Sandman.  He is not exceptionally large, but he not only can handle hard hits from any opponent, he can do what the smaller guys do with the high flying antics over the top rope. Santino Marella is another of the WWE roster members that was named as a Signature Pharmacy client.  He has not been suspended either and everyone seems to be questioning how he escaped the wellness policy rule.

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Maria and Ron Simmons were backstage during the Marella/Sandman match watching the match on a monitor.  After the match, they are talking and Marella attacks Simmons from behind. Before he takes Maria’s hand and leaves, Marella says “Damn!”

JR and Lawler show us the Diva Search Finalists.

Brooke – NOT HOGAN


J. Kim






More information can be found regarding the divas at www.wwe.com.

The Great Khali, from India

World Heavyweight Champion


Commercial break.

Jeff Hardy, weighing 225 lbs., from Cameron, NC

Intercontinental Champion

Audience Favorite:  Jeff Hardy

Winner:  The Great Khali by applying the vice grip to Jeff’s head, Khali drops Jeff to the mat and the ref counts Jeff’s shoulders down for the count.

Before the match we see the clip of Khali demolishing Rey Mysterio from last week.  We didn’t really need to see that again.

After the match, two referees are checking on Jeff in the ring and we hear Batista’s music.  Batista enters the arena to deafening applause by the crowd. Batista charges into the ring, spears Khali, sending him rolling out of the ring and to the floor outside.

Matches like this don’t serve any purpose that I can see.  Jeff Hardy spent all that time in the ring getting beat up and Khali isn’t really showing off any skills when he is in the ring with someone that much smaller than him.

Commercial break.

Vince and Coach enter the ring, followed by the WWE male superstars from ECW, Smackdown and Raw. Vince says that one of the men surrounding the ring is privileged to be his son. Mr. Johnson, the attorney is again on the monitor, and that he has a list of messages from his client as to who Mr. McMahon’s son is not:

He is not extreme – All ECW members leave the arena.

He has a fondness for gold – All members who has been a champion or is now a champion is told to stay, everyone else leaves.

His skin is fair – all non Caucasian members leave the arena.

All remaining roster members are told to get in the ring.

His hair is fair – all bald and dark haired members leave the ring.

The audience is shouting for Kennedy who is not in the ring – that has something to do with Signature Pharmacy. Vince tells the audience that Kennedy may be from Green Bay but he has been suspended for impersonating a McMahon (that's not exactly why Mr. Kennedy was suspended).

Individual champion – all tag teams leave the ring.

That leaves JBL, Triple H and The Sandman in the ring.

He loves to play the game – Vince looks unhappy, Triple H looks unhappy – JBL and The Sandman leave the ring.

Vince says it can’t be right, Triple H can’t be his son.

Mr. Johnson says his son does love to play the game and refers to marbles last week on Smackdown. Things are looking up for his son, Hornswoggle.  Hornswoggle comes out from under the ring very happy and Triple H can’t stop laughing. Vince looks very unhappy as Hornswoggle hugs Vince’s leg. Triple H places the green Leprechaun hat on Mr. McMahon’s head.

I am fairly certain Mr. Kennedy blew the father/son line by getting himself suspended.  Nearly all the rumors surrounding who Vince’s son was going to be were all about Mr. Kennedy.  Bad timing on your part, Mr. Kennedy, but a great break for Hornswoggle to get some quality airtime.


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