Rob's Wrestling Daily / Fri Feb 2

6:00 PM ET UPDATE........ WWF Smackdown, affected by Friends, posted a 4.0 last night. Survivor beat Friends, 17.3 to 14.2. Smackdown did not air in its regular timeslot in Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. The WCW episode of Charmed did a 3.8, and Joan Lunden's look @ the WCW Power Plant did a 0.6..... The WWF will expand their headquarters from the current 8-story Titan Towers building..... The WWF today announced the signing of three former ECW stars: Justin Credible, Jerry Lynn and Rhino.....There is increasing speculation that WCW will go dark, then resurface with a new image... NWA Wildside's Air Paris and AJ Styles will be offered WCW contracts......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Here's Everyone's Favorite Kat..... Eric Bischoff has cut several women from the WCW roster, according to 1 wrestling. Gone are: Paisley, Gunnz, Tygress, Meow and Daffney..... USA Network reports a fourth-quarter loss of $11.2 million. TNN reports that Jan 2000 was the highest-rated month in its 17-year history..... Virtual reality internet site coming from WWF.COM to spotlight WWF NY..... Lunch with Chyna or Sgt Slaughter if you're the lucky winner in his month's contest @ WWF NY..... NO APRIL PPV for WCW. The scheduled date was on Easter, so, rather than try to sell on that date, the Apr and May shows will be combined on May 6..... Thunder did a 2.2 Wed night..... The Mar 2001 EMLL ppv will be broadcast in the US on a limited basis. EMLL and AAA are broadcast on a one-week delay in the States every Tues night on Galavision.

Thursday February 1
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