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W. Jayne Stanley of Gourdsket® Vessel CompanyGourdsket® Video
Now Available!

"Pining for Your Spirit."

featuring fiber artist
W. Jayne Stanley

filmed at the Rocky Mountain Retreat, 1999

Retreat area seen from Chapel, photo courtesy of Carolyn Black

Video kit:

1 - 10 oz bundle of long western pine needles
1 oz of palm leaf binding fibers
1 - 6" hard-shelled gourd
1 tapestry needle
and the video, "Pining for Your Spirit"
(please print out order form
or call toll free (888)484-7994)

Video only:

(please print out order form
or call toll free (888)484-7994)
to order contact:

W. Jayne Stanley
PO Box 1413
Evergreen, CO 80437

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