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Carolyn Black with her projects from the 1999 Colorado Retreat, photo courtesy of Carolyn Black

Colorado Retreat

...a letter from a student

Colorado Retreat Information Carolyn Black, from Indiana, attended the 1999 Colorado Retreat, and wrote the following summary in an email to Weaver's Words, a mailing list for basket makers 'round the world.

Carolyn is an experienced basket maker, and is active with the Indiana Basketmaker's Association.

Here is her summary of the retreat:
Chapel where the workshop is held. photo courtesy of Carolyn Black
"I attended Jayne Stanley's retreat in Colorado this month. It was a beautiful week in the mountains and I had a great time.

 "I had the opportunity to complete 3 projects - a large porcupine pine needle coiling, and 2 gourdskets - one small, one large. The large gourdsket was an asymmetrical design with a piece of driftwood woven into it as a handle, then bridged with co iled seagrass and pine needles. My daughter calls it her "teapot"!
Gathering materials for the baskets photo courtesy of Carolyn Black

Elk! photo courtesy of Carolyn Black"We had a great time - although my favorite portion was probably the "nature hike" we took. Jayne took us all into Rocky Mountain National park (walking distance from where we were staying) and then talked and showed us about gathering plants and fibers and anything in general to incorporate into our basket projects."  Please note that collecting within the park is not permitted, in compliance with federal laws.
Group after gathering walk, photo courtesy of Carolyn Black 

 "I highly recommend this outing for anyone! We had people in the class who had coiled before to people who had never made a basket or weren't even crafty! Everyone seemed to have a great time. My husband and I stayed some extra days and got to check out the wildlife in the park a bit more."

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For more information, contact:
W. Jayne Stanley
P.O. Box 1413
Evergreen, CO 80437

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