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Christian Fiction: Francine Rivers

A non-exhaustive list of Christian Fiction books by Francine Rivers. I will add more in the future!:)

The Atonement Child Paperback only.
A very powerful book and fast read. Dynah is a college student and newly engaged, her life seems wonderful. Then she is raped, and later discovers she is pregnant as a result. Her world is falling apart as she has to make probably the toughest decision of her life.

****** "Mark of the Lion" Series******
A Voice in the Wind Paperback only.
This is the first in the "Mark of the Lion" series. The main character is Hadassah, a young Christian girl sold into slavery in first century AD. Readers will find her unwavering faith amazing!:)
Author: Francine Rivers

An Echo in the Darkness Paperback only.
This is the continuing story of Hadassah, Marcus, Julia, and Atretes in the Mark of the Lion Series.
Author: Francine Rivers

As Sure As the Dawn Paperback only.
This is book three of the "Mark of the Lion" Series. Atretes tries to find his son after falling in love with a Christian woman.
Author: Francince Rivers


Redeeming Love Paperback only.
Rivers originally wrote this book as a non-Christian book, then later re-wrote it when she became a Christian to suit the Christian market. It is a powerful book about a young girl, Angel, who is sold into prostitution as a child, and her difficulty learning to trust in men and God. The book follows her through a long and desperate struggle to learn to accept healing and forgiveness from God, and renewing her trust in man.

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