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Christian Fiction- Catherine Palmer

A non-exhaustive list of Christian Fiction titles by Catherine Palmer.
******"Treasure Series"******
The Treasure of Timbuktu Softcover only. Original title. New title, click here: A Kiss of Adventure
If you have visited my other site, you know that I love everything and anything to do with Africa due to my own adventures in Africa. This is the first of a series of books set in Africa. Excellent adventure/romance series. They have since republished these books with new titles and covers, but the stories are the same. This first book is set in Mali. The adventures within take between Bamako and Timbuctu. (yes, it really exists;)
The Treasure of Zanzibar No image available. Softcover only. Original title. For new title: A Whisper of Danger
The second book in this series. This book takes you through adventures in Zanzibar. Another excellent adventure/romance book.
The Treasure of Kilimanjaro Softcover only. Original title. New title not yet available at The new title is "A Touch of Betrayal".
I can not assure you that the original title "The Treasure of Kilimanjaro will be in stock. I tried for months to get this title only to be told it was out of stock. Eventually I was at my Christian Bookstore and decided to buy another book by Catherine Palmer and picked up "A Touch of Betrayal". I did not know that this was actually the third book in the series. But it is. I just started reading this title last night and couldn't put it down. Another great adevnture story this time set in Kenya.

******"A Town Called Hope Series"******
Prairie Rose Softcover only.
The first book in the Town Called Hope series. I have not read these series yet, so for more information, click on the image and read the review at
Prairie Fire Softcover only.
The second book in this series.
A Town Called Hope #3: Prairie Storm Softcover only.
The third book in this series.
Prairie Christmas: Anthology No image available. Softcover only.
This last book is an anthology of Christmas stories with the characters from this series.

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