Wedding Cake - Wedding for 125


To keep the cost down, rather than spending over $100.00++ on
 a wedding cake, they tried out various recipes and made 
their own cake.  It was fun too!

They made a wedding cake for all to see and used that for
 the 'cutting of the cake'.  The mothers of the bride and groom, 
decorated the cake, thus making it extra special. They kept it 
simple as neither is really a cake decorator.  The used white 
frosting, silver ribbons, pillars and a topper for the cake.  
It looked great and certainly did the job nicely.

They had premade enough cake for all their guests (froze the cakes ahead of time),
 had it cut into wedges and wrapped in plastic wrap and then a napkin, 
one piece for each guest.  The cake was then passed out by 
the bride and groom while visiting with each guest. 

The cake was carried in a wicker basket which had been spray
 painted silver.  The cake pieces were wrapped in blue paper napkins. 
The Bride's colors were silver and blue.

You can purchase wedding cake 'parts' at craft shops.  


See the Results!


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Tip:  You can often RENT a wedding cake pan set, check with your cake
decorating supply nearest you, or a wedding party rental place.
You can also rent an entire 'fake' but beautiful wedding cake!  Just make a cake for 
serving to the guests, or have a cupcake tree!

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Another Easy & Elegant Wedding Cake
Make a 10 or 12 inch layer cake (spring form pan) then make a top layer 
using a bundt pan and fill the hole in the bundt pan with 
a small vase.  Frost the entire cake and fill the vase with fresh flowers!
Tip: you may want to secure the layers using  wooden skewers, (see
the Wilton Site, above)


Another Popular idea:
A Cupcake Tree (get holder here - more photos too)

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