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Joan's White Christmas Cake


5 eggs
1 c. butter (the real thing)
1 c. sugar
2 1/4 c. flour
1/2 lb. candied cherries -- (250gr.)
1/2 lb. blanched almonds (opt.)
1 lb. white ( or sultana) raisins
2 Tbsp. sweet sherry or orange juice, the Sherry is wonderful!
1/2 lb. mixed fruitcake fruit -- (250gr)

Cream butter and sugar. Add WELL beaten eggs one at a time, then sherry. Mix in flour 2 c., toss raisins
 and fruit with the other 1/4 c. flour, then stir into batter. This keeps the fruit from sinking to the bottom.
 Note: the sherry gives this cake its wonderful flavor, there are no other spices or flavorings. 
Line 9 in. springform pan with 3 layers of waxed paper, or same with 2 loaf pans. Spoon in batter 
and level with spoon. Decorate top with nuts or candied cherries if desired.
 Bake 300 deg. for 2 hrs. (or less if you use 2 loaf pans) 
or until a toothpick, comes out clean. Don't let the top get too brown, cover with foil if necessary. 
Cool, wrap well, let age for a dew days, or freeze. Will keep, well-wrapped, in fridge for a long time too. 
This tastes great the day it's made.

- - - - - - 

NOTES : This is the family fruit cake (the edible one) that Grandma has made since I was
 a little girl. It freezes well, and doesn't need to 'age' like the darker Christmas cakes. 
Sherry is the secret ingredient and it contains no leavening agent or spices.

Dayle's Note: I love this cake!  At the time of putting this on line,
my wonderful 86 yr. old mother is in a care home.
 I just have to put this recipe on line to share it with all of you. 
She was delighted when I told her it was on my web pages.

Here is my mother just after she was married in the early 40's!



Here is a poem that I wrote about her last summer.  Please pass it one to anyone
you feel might appreciate it.  ... Dayle


 Look Again

Who is this aged woman who sits in the chair?
She's weak and she's feeble with silky gray hair,
Her memories have faded but she's filled with past life,
She is somebody's daughter, a mother and wife.


She's a girl full of giggles with a cat on her lap,
She’s a student with dreams of a gown and a cap,

She's a smiling young bride with a husband aglow,
She's a proud young mother with a babe to show,

She's raising a child to be thoughtful and good,
She's bursting with pride at her motherhood,

She's works in the home and sometimes outside,
She's dressed up so special, a mother of the bride,

She's grandma to two, a girl and a boy,
She's traveled afar and had so much joy!


So who is this woman who sits in the chair,
Who's trapped in a body that can't speak clear?
She's young and she's old, she's all the above
Her family they care and she is very much loved.


By Dayle Scorgie ......My Mother passed away Nov. 3, 2000, I'll miss her forever.
Aug. 1999

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