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the naturals


HN as "The Naturals"


human nature have taken on a new identity over the next couple of months, appearing in "Happy Days - the Arena Mega Musical" as a 50's band, called "The Naturals"!! The guys sing the following songs and click on it to hear an hnh2000 exclusive excerpt:-


Earth Angel
a new mix of the song the guys first officially performed together!

Poison Ivy

Teenager in Love
toby singing ALL own his own!! *scream*


Shake You Outta My Head

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay
with the entire Happy Days cast

HN as "The Naturals"

The Happy Days musical has released an exclusive CD which features Human Nature, and will be available in record shops soon if not now!
Look out for it!!

To see a complete list of the Happy Days songs.. visit here!

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