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me and the fonz
me and "The Fonz", the very funkee Craig McLauchlan - ayyy, sit on it!!

I recently went and saw Happy Days - the Arena Mega Musical, and the performance by everyone involved inspired me to put together just a little section of the net, just for those involved.


If you've seen the show you will probably understand the awe-inspiring impact it had on it's audience. Performances by Jon Stevens, Human Nature, Jo Beth Taylor and Craig McLauchlan and others made the night one definitely to remember.

the cast of Happy Days, in the outfits!

Songs on the night were as follows, click the "listen" button to hear a snippet!!:-

Happy Days theme
sang by the company
sang by Frank (Jon Stevens)
No Particular Place to Go
sang by the "Fonz" (Craig McLauchlan)
Long Tall Sally
sang by Potsie, Ralph, Richie and Joanie
Born too Late
sang by Joanie (Pippa Grandison)
Great Balls of Fire
sang by the "Fonz" and Miss Frost (Rebecca Gibney)
Earth Angel
sang by "The Naturals" (Human Nature)
Dream Lover
sang by Richie (Darren Coggan)
Poison Ivy
sang by "The Naturals"
Unchained Melody
sang by Al (Doug Parkinson)
A Teenager in Love
sang by "The Naturals"
Rip it Up
sang by Frank
C'mon Everybody
sang by "The Fonz"
At the Hop
sang by the company
Stand By Me listen
sang by Richie and Laura (Jo Beth Taylor)
Johnny B Goode
sang by the "Fonz" and Richie
You Dont Own Me
sang by Laura
sang by "The Naturals"
Hot Diggity
sang by Mr and Mrs C
Tell Him
sang by Laura and Joanie
sang by Al
sang by Miss Frost
Jailhouse Rock
sang by Frank
Save the Last Dance for Me
sang by Ralph, Richie and Potsie
Shake You Outta My Head listen
sang by "The Naturals" (written by Human Nature!)
Heartbreak Hotel
sang by "The Fonz"
Rock and Roll is Here to Stay
sang by the company


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