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Cibotium schiedei

"Mexican Tree Fern"

This species is a small to moderate sized tree fern, easily recognized by its long, arching and drooping light green fronds with elongated pinnae.  It can reach 12' tall over time, but trunk development is quite slow; and the fronds may be as long as 10' in favorable situations.  Like C. menziesii, the lower stipes are covered with brownish fuzz.  The croziers are covered with silky white fuzz.  Older plants send up offshots like some species of Dicksonia, untimately forming a clump of treeferns if the offshoots are not removed.

Cibotium schiedei is very easy to grow, and, though it thrives in a shady, damp area, it will tolerate a wide range of conditions.  It is also well adapted to pot culture.  Its hardiness is reputed to be around 25°F, and it also grows well in cool temperatures.  It should make a suitable specimen with winter protection in at least zones 8b and up.

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