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Other species of Cibotium

I am still learning more about Cibotiums, so if the information about these ferns seems a little lacking, that's the reason.

Cibotium barometz (Southeast Asia)--A small Cibotium that forms little or no above-ground trunk.  Has reportedly withstood 24°F in Australia.  There are two other species from Southeast Asia which might or might not be as hardy.

Cibotium regale (Mexico)--This species is likely to be rather difficult to grow outside the tropics, but is still worth trying.  The beautiful deep-bluish green fronds are rather triangular and held in a very attractive habit with drooping tips.  Trunk development is slow, but the trunk can eventually reach 12' tall, with a crown spread of 16'.  It requires lots of shade, moisture and protection from wind.

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