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Eucalyptus yarraensis - Yarra Gum (Victoria) A low spreading tree with dark bark and glossy elliptical green leaves.  Related to E. ovata and tolerates poor drainage well.  Moderately fast growing and tolerant of a wide range of sites in cultivation.  Hardy to around 8 - 15°F.

Eucalyptus youmanii - Youman's Stringybark (New South Wales, Queensland) An attractive stringybark with a rather dense crown of glossy green leaves and very light colored fibrous bark.  Not very fast growing but can reach a height of 80' or more.  Though it is one of the hardiest stringybarks, it requires excellent drainage and thrives in dry rocky soils.  5 - 13°F.
Eucalyptus youmanii is featured in Milligan Seeds and Trees Gallery: (trees) (bark)

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