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Eucalyptus fastigiata - Brownbarrel, Cuttail (Southeast Australia) Large tree, allied to E. regnans, but not as tall, more adaptable and exposure tolerant; and probably lacking any provenances as cold-hardy as the hardiest E. regnans.  Bark is more persistent than that of E. regnans.  Often used for timber.  10 to 17°F, but some provenances perhaps hardier than this.

Eucalyptus formanii - (Australia) An interesting mallee or small, multitrunked tree with very deep, shining green leaves.  Exact hardiness uncertain.

Eucalyptus fraxinoides - White Ash, White Mountain Ash (Southeast Australia) This large, fast-growing tree has beautiful white bark in its upper parts and can reach 100' tall where hardy.  It often has attractive foliage as a pot plant–the undersides of the young leaves are purple.  Is particular about a cool, moist climate and well-drained soil.  A forest tree, succeptible to wind and frost damage.  Hardy to 9 to 15°F.
Photos of Eucalyptus fraxinoides

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