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Eucalyptus elaeophloia - Nunniong Mallee (Nunniong Plateau, eastern Victoria) A small, attractive, often multiple-trunked tree with green leaves on square stems and olive-colored bark.  Extremely rare and untested for hardiness; potentially quite hardy.

Eucalyptus elata - River Peppermint, Willow Peppermint (Southeast Australia) A tall tree of forested river courses in montane valleys.  Unlike most peppermints, this one is "half-barked," having smooth whitish bark on the upper trunk and limbs.  Juvenile leaves as E. viminalis, but, of course, smelling of peppermint.  Reasonably fast growth.  Not commonly cultivated, but hardy to perhaps 8 to 14°F.

Eucalyptus eugenioides - Thin-leaved Stringybark (Australia) A large tree; seldom cultivated; probably hardy to about 8 to 14°F.
Photos of Eucalyptus eugenioides

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