Please read Fredericktown Pennsylvania, the little town between the Mon River and the railroad tracks

The tiny downtown which lies between the Mon River and the tracks. Total Population approximately 625



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Give thanks to those who made and kept
Fredericktown, PA a safe place to live and grow.


American Legion


East Beth Twp.
Fire Dept.

Public Library

Coal Miners'

Downtown Fredericktown
Still something for everybody

Ashland's Auto
B & B
Hardware Store
Ceramic Shop
Crazy Charlies Bar
Dr. A.L. McConnell
& Assocs. Optical Drs.
Kenny & Kent Automotives
Butcher Shop
Laundry Mat
Natalie's Hair Salon
O s Lounge
Sizmeck Dry
Tanning Salon
Victor s Hair Salon
United Methodist
United States
Post Office

Other Fredericktown's Businesses



Paint & Decorating

Shopping Network

Prophecy of

OverTime on the Mon

Fredericktown, PA is the oldest village in the township of East Bethlehem.

This little town was founded by Frederick Wise on August 21, 1790.

John Adams, the second President of the United States America knew of this little town.


On October 13, 1905, a fire broke out in Fredericktown's Clyde Mine killing six people
In January 1970, the F.B.I. searched up and down the Mon River in Fredericktown looking for the gun that was used in the Yablonski family triple murders. This shockening crime also led the way to a movie
During the mid-70's Fredericktown joined the rest of Americans and waited in line for hours to get gas for their cars. Lines were often over a mile long in Fredericktown. For those who are not familiar with Fredericktown, downtown Fredericktown is not even a mile long.
The Mon River dried up and people could have literally walked aross the river. The locks and dams had to be open to refill the river.
Fredericktown became totally emerged underwater from the flood of the November 1985. All businesses were effected by this flood including the ones that sat away from the river as they also were "several feet" under water. In Millsboro, the little town next to Fredericktown, water levels were as high as 12 feet destroying every item in the Shop and Save.
Hollywood came to Fredericktown as parts of the movie Maria's Lovers was filmed there
Beth Center Bulldogs won the W P I A L AAA championship in football.
The   Frederick, the ferry, reopened and today it is the only existing operating ferry on the Monogahela River. Read more & see picture

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