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Early Napier (Ahuriri) - Hawkes Bay

Early Settlers of Napier(Ahuriri) & Districts

The names listed hear are sourced from various sources to form the picture of which families were in the Napier(Ahuriri) area. Accuracy is not quaranteed, but strived for. The original source documents should be checked for further details if required and confirmation ie any references to births, deaths or marriages - please contact the General Registers Office (their web address is listed on my website under 'My favourite NZ Links'.

RHODES, Barney - established a trading station at 'Howready' (Ahuriri) - closed in 1841 after been burnt by natives - possible position was Clive.
COLENSO, William, first resident Missionary at Ahuriri. He arrived at the end of 1844 with wife and son to set up his first missionary station at Waitangi (near Clive). He was born at Penzance, Cornwall, England in 1811.
COLENSO, Elizabeth, first white woman in Hawkes Bay. Her maiden name was Fairburn and she was born 1821. Dau. of W.T. Fairburn.

ALEXANDER, Alexander, - first landed proprietor at Port Ahuriri. He was an educated Scotsman born 20 May 1820, arrived NZ 20 May 1840 and died 25th July 1873.

ANKETELL, (Mr), Trader, arrived 3rd April
McKAIN, James Buchanan, arrived (early in year) with wife and 2 children to Ahuriri with brother in law Wm. Villers & family
McKAIN, Sarah, wife of James, her maiden name Barben. She arrived Wgtn with her two sisters and parents in 1840 aboard the 'London'. Her fathers name was Thomas, he died while visiting them and was the first man to be buried in the Napier Cemetery. Along with Robina villers was the first white woman to live at The Spit (Westshore), Ahuriri
McLEAN, Donald, went to Hawkes Bay area as Land Purchase Commissioner
VILLERS, William, arrived with wife and 2 children to Ahuriri with McKains
VILLERS, Robina Agnes, wife of william and sister of J.B. McKain. She arrived NZ with her two brothers and widowed mother in 1841 on the 'Olympus' to Wellington. Along with Sarah Mckain was the first white woman to live at The Spit (Westshore), Ahuriri

Father LAMPILA & Brothers FLORENTIN & BASIL (Catholic Diocese) established at Pakowhai, Ahuriri in January & later reestablished at Meanee.Mbr> HOLLIS, Robert, arrived Jan. - first hotelkeeper at Ahuriri
GRINDELL, (Mr), arrived Ahuriri
McLEAN, Donald, Bought Napier Land
McLEAN, Donald, living in cottage with surveyors
MUNN, Daniel, took over McKains Accommodation House at Westshore and is credited with establishing Napiers first hotel, the 'Royal'
PARK, (Mr), surveyor
DE PELICHET, (Mr), surveyor
Father REIGNIER, arrived from Rotorua in Sept. and took over from Father Lampila in 1852. RICH, George, arrived Ahuriri 17th Nov
VILLERS, Mary Jane was born November 19th. She was the first white child born in the Napier District. Her parents were Robina (nee McKain) and William Villers.

The following called for a petition of protest after the depasturising licences were cancelled.

BEE, F. (Messr), arrived August on 'Salopian' from Wellington
DE PELICHET, Charles H.L. - died in the later part of this year. He was accidently shot by one of his own men while out hunting pigs. His grave is in Patangata.
SCHELE, W. (Messr), arrived August on 'Salopian' from Wellington
McCULLEN, (Messr), arrived September on 'Salopian' from Wellington
McKAIN, J. (Messr), arrived August on 'Salopian' from Wellington
RIGBY, J. (Messr), arrived August on 'Salopian' from Wellington
CHAPMAN, A. (Messr), arrived August on 'Salopian' from Wellington
CRIPPS, (Mr & Mrs plus children), arrived August on 'Salopian' from Wellington
TORR, (Mr), sold 850 bushels of wheat on his account in Wgtn 4th June
VILLERS, (Messr), arrived September on 'Salopian' from Wellington
PHARAZYN, (Messr), arrived September on 'Salopian' from Wellington
BROMLEY,(Mrs), arrived September on 'Salopian' from Wellington
RHODES, J (Messr), arrived November on 'Salopian' from Wellington
RHODES, J (Messr), arrived December on 'Salopian' from Wellington
SCOTT, (Messr), arrived December on 'Salopian' from Wellington
McKAIN, (Messr), arrived December on 'Salopian' from Wellington
DONALDSON, (Messr), arrived November on 'Salopian' from Wellington
SMITH, (Messr), arrived November on 'Salopian' from Wellington
BENTON, (Mrs and Family), arrived November on 'Salopian' from Wellington
Following is a list of Ahuriri residents or property holders claiming enrolment on the Wellington Roll in July:
ABBOTT, F.S. - Ahuriri
ALEXANDER, Alex - Wharerangi
COLLINS, Richard - Te Ore Ore (later of Lake Station)
COLLINS, Edward - Tumurao and Tuingara (Pourerere Beach)
GOLLAN, Donald - Waipukurau
HARDING, John - Wellington & Ahuriri
NAIRN, Charles, - Overseer Pourerere
NORTHWOOD, Jas. - Ahuriri (Pourerere)
RHODES, William Barnard - numerous properties and Freehold of 100,000 acres at Ahuriri purchased from natives
PURVIS, Russell John - Whangaimoana and Ahuriri
PURVIS, Russell (ditto)
ROBERT, Russell Henry (ditto)
ROBERT, Russell (ditto)
Note: This is not a complete list of settlers at that date.

DOMETT, Alfred, arrived Ahuriri as Commissioner of Crown Lands
McKAIN, Robina Agnes, dau. of Jas. B., born at Westshore, and later began Mrs Roe.
The following persons signed late of this year a petition drawing attention to the unsatisfactory conditions and terms of the pastoral licenses. It was signed by sheepowners, tradesmen and others (settlers and residents of Hawkes Bay). They were:
Alex. Alexander
H.S. Tiffen
Daniel Munn
Wm. Pears
Wm. Barton
John and William Villers
William, George and Eustace Fannin
J.B. McKain
H.H. Alexander
John Morrison
J.J. Rhodes
J.D. Selby (sawyer)
Hugh Kenny
Robert Hollis
John Chambers
Ed. Tuke
George Williams
Ed. S. Curling
J.P. and A. Chapman
W. Harper
Thos Macdonnell
Laurence Blake
J. B. Williams
J. Sutfield
C.R. English (surgeon - our first medical man)
F.S. Abbott
G.C. Crosse
Ed. Collins
Donald Gollan
Jasper L. Herrick
Walter Tucker
Alex. Grant
Ed. Watts
Jas. Hawthorne
Robt. Pharazyn
C. Nation (surveyor)
G. B. Worgan
Chris. Lockyer
H.J. Tiffen
J.D. Canning
Joseph Herbert
R.D. Wallace (Tautane)
John Sutherland
Wm. Speedy
Thos. Guthrie (Castlepoint)
Wm. Everett
Wm. Hunter
David Hunter
Jas. Shirley
Edwin Meredith
Dugald, Donald, Angus and John Cameron
H.R. and R. Russell
Chas. Matthews
The electoral roll for July 1856 contained a few names not in the previously mentioned on the petition:
They are:
Francis Bee - Kidnappers
Dan. Berry - Mohaka
J.R. Duncan
C.J. Gully
Alex. Inglis
Thos. Tanner - Ruataniwha
Fred Hargreaves - Mangakuri
Thos. Mills - Akitio
Alfred Newman - Waipukurau
John Ormond - Wallingford

MARSHALL, William, first schoolmaster (which began in 1855)
ROY, Mr - arrived in Napier (Wellington Provincial Engineer)

COLLINS, (Mr & Mrs and family), arrived Feb. on 'Shepherdess' from Wellington
LOVELOCK, (Miss), arrived Feb. on 'Shepherdess' from Wellington
CRAIG, (Miss), arrived Feb. on 'Shepherdess' from Wellington
ABBOTT, (Mr), arrived Feb. on 'Shepherdess' from Wellington
DUNCAN, (Mrs & child), arrived Feb. on 'Shepherdess' from Wellington
SEED, (Mrs & family), arrived Feb. on 'Shepherdess' from Wellington
BICKNELL, (Mr & Mrs), arrived Feb. on 'Shepherdess' from Wellington
HITCHINGS, Thomas (Dr), first medical man in Ahuriri

BODDINGTON, Edward - Storekeeper at Munn's Wholesale & Retail General Store
BROOKING, Annette Caroline Stewart, died Ahuriri 147
BROWNE & NEWTON - Store at Napier and Waipureka
CATCHPOOL, Edward - Deputy Postmaster Sept. 23rd 1857
CHARLTON, Capt., arrived at Westshore
CURLING, Capt. - resident magistrate and his residence at Te Kopanga was appointed a polling place on Sept 8 1857
DANVERS, B.D & SHERLEY, Henry - Ahuriri Race Club
DOLBELL, Philip - Carpenter, Waipureka
DUNCAN, R.J - Agent for Wellington Steam Navigation coy in Napier
DYETTS, F - Dyetts Waipureka Hotel
FITZGERALD (Esq), T.H. - Agent at Napier for Messrs Bain, Grahams & Co and his store in clive was a appointed polling place on Sept 8 1857
GLENNIE, George, died Ahuriri
HARRIS, Edward Francis - of Napier is empowered to lay complaints and informations in accordance with 'Native Land Purchase Ordinance' and agent for Trustees for Mr Joseph Torr's (of Napier) estate Sept. 19 1857.
HITCHINGS (Esq), Thomas - was appointed Native Surgeon at Ahuriri on Aug. 21st 1857
KELLY, (Mr), managed Robjohn grocers shop
KELLY, J.J - General store, Carlyle street
LAVIN, Harry, died Ahuriri
MAGILL, R, had shop in Carlyle Street
MACARTHY (Esq), John - His residence at Petane was appointed a polling place on Sept 8 1857
MUNN, Daniel - Royal Hotel at Port of Napier
NEWTON, T.K - Offer to store wool and Goods at Port of Napier & Waipureka Sept.10 1857
REYNOLDS, Thomas - Ahuriri Settlers Hotel (opposite survey office) and Butcher in Napier
RICHARDSON, G.E.G., arrived at Westshore
ROBJOHN, (Bros.), opened first grocers shop
ROY, John - Provincial Engineer Sept. 28 1857
SMITH, John Alexander - Merchant & Commission Agent at Port of Napier Sept. 21 1857 - also he was to vacate his store on the spit on Nov 15th and Mr T.K NEWTON will take over to receive wool there
WORGAN (Esq), G. - his residence at Rua Taniwha was appointed a polling place Sept 8 1857
WOOD, James - Port of Napier and Editor/Founder of Hawkes Bay Times Newspaper

1858 Ahuriri/Napier Population 343 Souls
(On Nov. 1st Hawkes Bay was declared a Province in its own right)
BEGG, Ellen born Ahuriri
BICKNELL, John born Ahuriri
BOURKE, Mr & Mrs, arrived as civilians attached to 65th Regiment, and had cottage at the breakwater
BURGESS, Mary Elizabeth died Ahuriri
BURGESS, William Henry, born Ahuriri
CATCHPOOL, Mr - deputy postmaster
COUPER, Robert James, born Ahuriri
CROSSE, Latymer George, born Ahuriri
DYETT, Ellen born Ahuriri
FITZGERALD, (Mr), superintendant had a small house near the breakwater
HARRIS, Francis Robert, born Ahuriri
HENTON, William Henry, born Ahuriri
HERBERT, Alice Elizabeth, born Ahuriri
HERRIES, William Frederick, born Ahuriri
HOWES, George born Ahuriri 63
KENNEDY, Charles Dugald, born Ahuriri
LAVIN, - (M), born Ahuriri
LECHNER, Mary Matilda, born Ahuriri
LOZELL, Susan Ann, born Ahuriri
LYNDON, E(Mr), Had cottage at the breakwater
MARSHALL, W (Mr)(later the Rev), initiated a school in Napier
McEVOY, John, died Ahuriri
NEWMAN, Isabella Des Anges, born Ahuriri
NEWTON, -, Had a store
ORMOND, Frank Ross Isbell, born Ahuriri
ROE, William, born Ahuriri
SEBLEY, Henry, born Ahuriri
TORR, Julia Teresa Adelia, born Ahuriri
WEBSTER, Henry Edward, died Ahuriri

ALLEY, Charles, born Ahuriri
AUSTEN, William Thomas, born Ahuriri
BARCLAY, (Rev.) Peter and wife Mary arrived Ahuriri. 1st appointed Presbyterian Minister for the area, Ex. Montrose, SCT.
BERRY, Elizabeth, born Ahuriri
BIGG, Wither Sophia, born Ahuriri
BRAY, -(F), born Ahuriri
CARMEN, Francis Henry, born Ahuriri
CARSWELL, John William, born Ahuriri
CARTER, Frank Rawdon, born Ahuriri
CHAMBERS, Joseph B., born Ahuriri
CHEER, Georgina Pollock, born Ahuriri
CHEYNE, Robert Donaldson, born Ahuriri
COWPER, Frederick Thomas, born Ahuriri
COWPER, John Alexander, born Ahuriri
DONALDSON, James Anderson, born Ahuriri
DOUBLEDAY, Thomas W., Born Ahuriri
DUNCAN, Walter Henry, born Ahuriri
FANNIN, George William, born Ahuriri
Father FOREST - arrived in Napier and appointed to the newly errected (Catholic?) church. He remained until 1879 and died in 1880. He founded a girls school in napier in 1863 and built St Patricks Church in Waipawa in 1871.
GARRY, George, born Ahuriri
GILL, Thomas, Provincial engineer
GOLLAN, Donald (Esq.), married April 27th Frederica, relict of the late C.L.W. de Pelichet.
GRAINGER, Emma Elizabeth, born Ahuriri
GULLY, Fanny Julia, born Ahuriri
HAMELING, Elizabeth Ann, born Ahuriri
HOWARD, William Henry, born Ahuriri
HUTCHISON, Lillias, born Ahuriri
KELLY, Louisa, born Ahuriri
LAMBERT, Hanham Arundel, born Ahuriri
LAMBERT, Mary Ann Eliza, born Ahuriri
LORIGAN, James, born Ahuriri
MACGREGOR, - (F), born Ahuriri
McDONALD, John Alexander, born Ahuriri
McKAIN, James Frederick, born Ahuriri
McKINNON, Angus, born Ahuriri
MUNRO, Isabella, born Ahuriri
OLIVER, Jane Barnes, born Ahuriri
SIM, Margaret Noble, born Ahuriri
SKEET, Frank Edmund Ayers, born Ahuriri
VILLERS, Thomas Isaac, born Ahuriri
WEBB, Henry Edwin, born Ahuriri
WRIGHT, Edward George, Civil Engineer - Produced first report on harbour at Napier
YATES, William Charles, born Ahuriri

BARCLAY, Theodore Chas., born Ahuriri
BLAIN, John, born Ahuriri
BLAIR, William Archd., born Ahuriri
BORRER, Emily, born Ahuriri
BOUSFIELD, Edward W. R., born Ahuriri
BRAITHWAITE, Ada Constance, born Ahuriri
BURGESS, Gertrude H., born Ahuriri
CARSWELL, David, born Ahuriri
CELLUM, Capt., Chief Pilot (Cellem ?)
CHAPMAN, Charles Alfred Monteith, born Ahuriri
CLEARY, Mary, born Ahuriri
CONELLY, John, born Ahuriri
COOPER, Emily Harriet, born Ahuriri
COUPER, Grace, born Ahuriri
CROXTON, Elizabeth, born Ahuriri
DUTTON, Rose Sarah, born Ahuriri
ELLINGHAM, Mary Elizabeth, born Ahuriri
FAULKNER, William George born Ahuriri 118
FITZGERALD, Caroline Mary, born Ahuriri
GARDINER, Louisa Abercrombie, born Ahuriri
GILL, Thomas - ran the Masonic Hotel (Known as smiley Tom).
GOLLAN, Spencer Herbert, born Ahuriri
GUPPY, Christopher John, born Ahuriri
HARTLEY, Herbert Johnson, born Ahuriri
HARVEY, Sarah Ann, born Ahuriri
HAWKER, Sarah Ann, born Ahuriri
HENDLE, John White, born Ahuriri
HOLDEN, Esther Ann, born Ahuriri
HOLDER, Mary Hathaway, born Ahuriri
HOWSE, Mary Adelaide, born Ahuriri
JEFFARES, Charlotte, born Ahuriri
KELLY, Frederick, born Ahuriri
KENNEDY, Ann Lillias, born Ahuriri
KEY, George, born Ahuriri
LAMBERT, Jemima Amelia, born Ahuriri
LANGFORD, Percy Warner, born Ahuriri
LICHNER, Richard Ernest, born Ahuriri
LIMPUS, Edward, born Ahuriri
LOZELL, John Steven, born Ahuriri
LUFF, Kate Hamilton, born Ahuriri
MASTERTON, James born Ahuriri
ORMOND, Weston De Burgh, born Ahuriri
RABONE, Mary Perkins, born Ahuriri
READ, James Henry, born Ahuriri
RICHARDS, Edward, born Ahuriri
ROBJOHNS, Annie Elizabeth, born Ahuriri
SMITH, Jessie Gordon, born Ahuriri
SUTTON, Harriet, born Ahuriri
SYMONS, Agnes Taylor, born Ahuriri
TAYLOR, Dougall, born Ahuriri
THOMAS, William, born Ahuriri
TORR, Louisa Mary, born Ahuriri
TUKE, Edith, born Ahuriri
UNMACK, Emily Johanna, born Ahuriri
WESLEY, John, born Ahuriri
YATES, Catherine Emilie Ann, born Ahuriri

AUSTIN, Laura Jane, born Ahuriri
BATES, Eva Maria, born Ahuriri
BEGG, John William, born Ahuriri
BROOKING, William Lyon, born Ahuriri
BUTLER, Mary Ann, born Ahuriri
CHAMBERS, Thomas Mason, born Ahuriri
CHEER, Victoria, born Ahuriri 108
CHRISTIE, John Henry, born Ahuriri
CLEARY, Patrick, born Ahuriri
COOPER, George Danniel Arthur, born Ahuriri
CORRY, Alice, born Ahuriri
COUPER, Walter James, born Ahuriri
DAVIES, John Thomas, born Ahuriri
DONALDSON, Hester Holland, born Ahuriri
DONOVAN, Richard E., born Ahuriri
DOUBLEDAY, Alice Mary, born Ahuriri
DOWD, Anne, born Ahuriri
DOYLE, Louisa, born Ahuriri
DUNCAN, Frank Richard, born Ahuriri
DYETT, Frederick William, born Ahuriri
ELLINGHAM, Henry Thomson, born Ahuriri
ENRIGHT, Ann Elinor, born Ahuriri
FITZGERALD, Nora C., born Ahuriri
FOUGERE, Emily Helen Florence, born Ahuriri
GARRY, Alfred, born Ahuriri
GILL, Frances Mary, born Ahuriri
GOLDFINCH, Elizabeth Mary, born Ahuriri
GOLDFINCH, Sarah Jane, born Ahuriri
GULLY, Esther Louisa, born Ahuriri
HAMELING, Anna Maria, born Ahuriri
HARDING, Alfred Ernest, born Ahuriri
HARGREAVE, Ada Constance, born Ahuriri
HENRY, Morris Magnussen, born Ahuriri
HENTON, Annie Elizabeth, born Ahuriri
HENTON, Emily Alice, born Ahuriri
HODGES, Frances Mary, born Ahuriri
HUGHES, Edward William, born Ahuriri
HUGHES, Frances Aspel Godrey, born Ahuriri
JARVIS, James Thomas Milgate, born Ahuriri
JOHNSON, John Alexander, born Ahuriri
KEAN, Georgina, born Ahuriri
KENDREW, (Un-named male), born Ahuriri
KNIGHT, John Frederick, born Ahuriri
KOCH, Janet Younger, born Ahuriri
LAVIN, Miles, born Ahuriri
LE QUESNE, Mary Ann, born Ahuriri
LINDSAY, Elizabeth Earl, born Ahuriri
LINGARD, Ellen, born Ahuriri
LORIGAN, Ellen, born Ahuriri
LUGONG, Mary, born Ahuriri
MACKAY, Thomas, born Ahuriri
McKAIN, Rosina Lavinia, born Ahuriri
McKAIN, William Alfred, born Ahuriri
McKAIN, William St. Clair, born Ahuriri
McKINNON, John Murdoch, born Ahuriri
McROBERTS, Ellen, born Ahuriri
MILLER, Robert Campbell, born Ahuriri
MOGRIDGE, Francis Mary, born Ahuriri
MULLANY, Hugh, born Ahuriri
MURRAY, Anna Elizabeth, born Ahuriri
ORMOND, George Canning, born Ahuriri
ORMOND, John Percival, born Ahuriri
PARKER, James Frederick, born Ahuriri
PEERS, Mary Anne, born Ahuriri
REDWARD, Elizabeth Kate, born Ahuriri
SHEPHERD, Jane, born Ahuriri
SHERLEY, Dinah Maria, born Ahuriri
SKEET, William Thomas, born Ahuriri
SNODGRASS, James Buchanan, born Ahuriri
SYMONDS, Sarah Jane, born Ahuriri
TANNER, Henry Selwood, born Ahuriri
TAYLOR, Arthur Brooke, born Ahuriri
TAYLOR, Florence Brooke, born Ahuriri
TAYLOR, John Dougall, born Ahuriri
TRASK, Agnes Ellinor, born Ahuriri
TRIPHOOK, Cecil Dawson, born Ahuriri
VILLERS, Ada Amelia, born Ahuriri
WALLACE, Catherine Elizabeth, born Ahuriri
WATTS, John William, born Ahuriri
WEBB, Walter Reginald, born Ahuriri
WIGGINS, William Denholm, born Ahuriri
WILSON, Mary Ann, born Ahuriri
YATES, George Gordon Noel Byron, born Ahuriri
First Harbour Commission was established. It consisted of the following persons:
The following gave evidence to the committee regarding Harbour works ie dredging etc:
Thomas MURRAY - Harbourmaster & Pilot
Captain MUNN
Thos. GILL (Provincial engineer)
Captain BLAIR
T.D. TIPHOOK (Surveyor & engineer)
Captain HENTON
Donald GOLLAN (engineer)

BARCLAY, Jane Mackay Gordon born Ahuriri 130
BARCLAY, Reverend Peter, and wife Mary - St Paul's Presbyterian Church
BATY, William John born Ahuriri 125
BENTON, Charles died Ahuriri 91
BIBBY, (un-named male) born Ahuriri 134
BLAIN, Thomas Henry born Ahuriri 123
BLAIR, Alexander David born Ahuriri 126
BOORER, Emily died Ahuriri 93
BOORER, Mary Ann born Ahuriri 130
BOURKE, Charles O'Donel born Ahuriri 129
BOUSEFIELD, Herbert Octavius born Ahuriri 125
BOWLES, William Plummer died Ahuriri 95
BOYLAN, Mary Frances born Ahuriri 125
BRAY, Celina Lily born Ahuriri 127
BULL, William died Ahuriri 95
BURGESS, Thomas Alfred born Ahuriri 125
BURKE, Michael died Ahuriri 91
BURWASH, Caroline died Ahuriri 92
CATCHPOOL, Edward, was registrar in 1862 of Napier births
CHAPMAN, Katherine Louisa Elizabeth born Ahuriri 135
CHEYNE, Charles George A. born Ahuriri 127
CLAYTON, Ann Elizabeth born Ahuriri 129
CONNELL, Samuel Henry born Ahuriri 133
CONNOLLY, Ellen born Ahuriri 134
COUPER, Elizabeth born Ahuriri 131
CROXTON, John Thomas born Ahuriri 133
CURTIS, Paul Augustus born Ahuriri 122
DOUGLAS, Flora Ellen born Ahuriri 134
DOUGLASS, Francis born Ahuriri 127
DOWD, Elizabeth born Ahuriri 105
ELLISON, Catherine Jane born Ahuriri 129
FARRER, Rhoda born Ahuriri 129
FAULLKNOR, Charles Henry born Ahuriri 121
FERGUSON, Margaret died Ahuriri 91
FINLAYSON, Elizabeth born Ahuriri 127
FINN, Richard died Ahuriri 91
FREEMAN, Grace Emma born Ahuriri 122
GASON, Edward Cumming Ince born Ahuriri 134
GLASON, Edward C. Ince born Ahuriri 134
GOLDFINCH, Emma Theresa born Ahuriri 126
GORDON, Elizabeth born Ahuriri 125
GRENSIDE, Phoebe Mary Ann born Ahuriri 127
GRINDELL, Maria Jane V. born Ahuriri 122
HAGUE, Lydia Ann born Ahuriri 121
HAGUE, Lydia Ann died Ahuriri 91
HAMLIN, Alice Marion Maude born Ahuriri 123
HAMMOND, John Willm died Ahuriri 95
HARDING, Walter McK. born Ahuriri 126
HARLAND, John Sawdon born Ahuriri 133
HARLAND, John Sawdon died Ahuriri 93
HERBERT, Alfred born Ahuriri 125
HITCHINGS, Isabella Mary born Ahuriri 125
HOBEN, Austin McGarvey born Ahuriri 126
HOWARD, Sameul Francis born Ahuriri 129
IMRIE, George died Ahuriri 85
IRVINE, Annabella Lamond born Ahuriri 134
IRVINE, Alexander, Merchant Ex Glasgow, married Ann lamond 17th Jan 1862, Carlyle St.
IRVINE, James, Draper, witness at Irvine wedding 1862
JEFFARES, Benjamin born Ahuriri 127
JOHNSON, William died Ahuriri 95
KELLY, John died Ahuriri 91
KENNEDY, Alexander F. born Ahuriri 121
LAMBERT, Eleanor Jane born Ahuriri 127
LAMOND, Ann Ogilvy, Ex 'Arabella' Wgtn, Ex Airlie, Scotland, married Alex. Irvine
LANGFORD, Annie Isabel born Ahuriri 130
LECHMER, Phoebe Agnes born Ahuriri 126
SLATER, Ann, was a Nurse in Emerson Street.
SCOTT, Isabella, gave birth to daughter 'Margaret' in Emerson Street, Ex 'Arabella' Wgtn
STEVIN, Susan, Carlyle Street, Napier, witness to Irvine wedding 1862

ALLEN, Frank Stanton born Napier 137
AUSTIN, Georgina born Ahuriri 126
BADLEY, Frederick born Napier 133
BAKER, Elizabeth B. born Napier 134
BARNABY, Mary Douglas born Ahuriri 126
BENNETT, Elizabeth Ann born Napier 134
BIBBY, James Woodhouse Edward born Ahuriri 129
BICKNELL, Thomas Isaac born Ahuriri 128
BREMNER, Edward Pelham born Napier 133
BROWNE, Mary died Ahuriri 107
CARR, Arthur Isabert born Ahuriri 129
CHAMBERS, James M. born Ahuriri 125
CHEER, Mary Ann born Napier 133
COLLINS, Samuel James born Ahuriri 130
CORBIN, Frederick William born Ahuriri 128
CORRY, Charles born Ahuriri 130
COUPER, William Grant born Napier 138
CURTIS, Edward Thomas born Napier 135
DOWD, Andrew Matthew born Napier 137
ELWIN, Emily Mary Jeken born Ahuriri 126
ENRIGHT, Letitia born Ahuriri 126
EVANS, Julia Frances born Ahuriri 129
FAULKNER, Edward James born Napier 135
FINUCANE, Mary Ann born Napier 138
FLANAGAN, Edward born Napier 133
FLEETWOOD, John died Ahuriri 101
GARDINER, Margaret Alice born Ahuriri 129
GARRY, Annie born Ahuriri 127
GEBBIE, George Alexander born Napier 134
GILL, Charles Alexander born Ahuriri 127
GOSNELL, Ellen Louisa born Ahuriri 126
GOULSTONE, William F. born Napier 134
GRINDELL, Elizabeth Amelia Harriet born Napier 138
GULLY, Alice born Ahuriri 129
HAYDEN, Catherine died Ahuriri 103
HAYDEN, Catherine born Ahuriri 128
HOLDEN, Nancy born Ahuriri 130
HOOD, William Francis born Ahuriri 130
HOWES, Maria Catherine born Napier 137
HUGHES, Edith Harriett born Ahuriri 128
HUNTER, William George born Ahuriri 128
HUTCHINSON, Helen Sarah born Ahuriri 129
INGRAM, Alice Jane born Ahuriri 134
JARVIS, Harry John born and died Ahuriri 125/101
KOCH, August Charles born Ahuriri 127
LEQUESNE, Harriet born Ahuriri 130

ALLEN, Alice Eliza born Napier 139
ASHTON, Thomas born Napier 138
BARCLAY, Rachel Mary born Napier 138
BARNABY, (un named male) born and died Napier 136/127
BATY, Thomas born Napier 132
BAXTER, Elizabeth Ellen born Napier 135
BEUKERS, Cunera Elenor born Napier 138
BLAIR, John Malcolm born and died Napier 132/131
BOUSFIELD, Frederick Brougham Whitmore born Napier 138
BOWMAN, Margaret Ann born Napier 139
BRATHWAITE, Ethel Norman born Napier 137
BRIDGE, Thomas Andrew died Napier 127
CAMPBELL, John Cowdor born Napier 141
CLEARY, Winifred born Napier 131
COUPER, Donald Maclean born Napier 131
DAVIES, Mary Ann born Napier 137
DAVIES, David Edward born Napier 137
ELMES, Emily born Napier 135
ELMS, Frederick George born Napier 136
EVANS, James Henry born Napier 135
FANNIN, Alice Mary born Napier 135
FAULKNOR, David Dismore born Napier 141
FITZGERALD, Brenda Fanny C. born Napier 132
FOUGERE, Emily Helen Florence died Napier 125
FREEMAN, George Henry born Napier 141
GARDINER, Arthur Robson born Napier 141
GARRY, Frederick born Napier 143
GEBBIE, Elizabeth born Napier 141
GILL, Charles Alexander died Napier 125
GILL, Esther Marcella born Napier 143
GOLDFINCH, Richard George born Napier 131
GORDON, Edward Robertson born Napier 134
HAMLIN, Frances Emily L. born Napier 135
HAWKEN, Sarah Rebecca born Napier 141
HECKER, Frances Emily born Napier 132
HITCHINGS, Claude Walter H. born Napier 131
HOLDER, Emma Jane born Napier 135
HOLT, Sarah Leach born Napier 137
HUDSON, Sarah Jane born Napier 142
INGLIS, Ann Poddle S. born Napier 142
IRVINE, Cecillia Nelson born Napier 133
KENNEDY, Mary Theresa born Napier 131
LANGFORD, William Eustace born Napier 142


1866 Population estimated at 1300 (800plus were Women and Children)

1867 Population 1827 Souls
BALFOUR, J.M., Colonial Marine engineer at Napier
CHAMBERS, J., Harbour Board Member
HOADLEY, C.B, Harbour Board member, Hon Secretary
KENNEDY, A., Harbour Board member
KINROSS, J.G., Harbour Board member
NEWMAN, A., Harbour Board member
RHODES, J., Harbour Board member
ROBJOHNS, H.W, Harbour Board member
SAINSBURY, G.E, Harbour Board legal adviser
SMITH, J.A, Harbour Board member
STUART, R., Harbour Board member, 1st Mayor of Napier
SUTTON, F., Harbour board member
VAUTIER, J.H, Harbour Board member
WILLIAMS, J., Harbour Board member

The following persons received a letter from H.S Tiffen asking if they would like to secure themselve or their heirs a burial plot since they also had relatives already interred in the Old Napier Cemetery. The cemetery was in the process of being laid out.

ROCHFORT, James, Provincial surveyor

SMITH, Hector William Pope - arrived Napier New Years Eve with wife and 3 sons, Hector James 5yrs, Charles Alex 3yrs (named after Hectors brother), Hector J (baby). Hector and Family arrived NZ on 'City of Auckland' to Auckland on Dec 16th 1871, he died in Napier 1877, Mrs Smith died 1876.

1874 Population 3514 Souls

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