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You live in Alfdale, a small community in Lindau, not far north of the Black Mountains. You were the apprentice of a powerful mage, who just died. You come home from the funeral service to discover that the cottage you both shared has been ransacked. The books lie scattered all over the floor, some of their pages torn out. The drawers from the desk are lying all over. You sit down beside them, completely disheartened by the scene before you. Bad enough to lose your mentor, but now someone seems intent on making things even more difficult for you. You begin to clean up the mess. As you put away the desk drawers, one of them catches and refuses to close. Wiggling it around, you peer down and see that there is an oilskin package sticking out the side. The drawer had a false bottom, and it must have cracked open when you tried to force it.

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Pulling the package, you manage to wiggle it free. Inside is a map, and a copy of a spell of avert disaster (which allows you to go back one screen after making a poor choice--you may use this once)

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You decide to go adventuring with the map, and taking some food along, as well as the sword which hung over the fireplace, you set out the next morning.

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If you:

Set off in the direction of Gerriton

Set off for the ruins

Head for the Monastery

map of Lindau