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Haunted Kingston, My Collaborative Video and Multimedia Project

girl looking up spooky staircase

(FILM 310 course project by myself, Deborah Washington, and Ivy Oldford--please visit it if you have a quick connection. Otherwise be careful, it contains Quick Time video clips and is rather large.)

Have you tried my favorite computer game? Thief is, in my opinion, the coolest role-playing computer game out there. It takes brains as well as skill, as you play the reluctant hero, Garrett. Try it today!


I'm entering my pages in a web competition again. Sometimes I miss parts of the competitions. I decided to go with a Canadian competition this time. So:

Web Brawls Trainiee

I'll need votes in this competition to stay in, so if you have a minute and you've enjoyed my site, please vote for me, starting Monday, Nov 5.

vote for me, a Soaring Pegasus

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