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Aircraft was the band before the Riverdogs.

My friend Chris and I were in a band in Southern Cal in the mid to late 80's. We moved there from Massachusetts in 1985. I was friends with Nick Brophy, we used to work together at Baxter Healthcare. Being the only two "Long Hairs" there we hit it off. He first introduced me to Robs voice by playing a demo tape of Rob's band Aircraft in my truck at lunch break. I was blown away! It was recorded in 1985 by A&M records (they were interested in signing them). Though Nick didn't join the band until later, he had many demos, some recorded on a 4 track. Anyway I still remember many of the songs. Here is a list of the songs I remember: Midnight in Hollywood (Nick & Rob's 1st collaboration - fantastic song) Burn down the Rockhouse Combat Boots Turn or Burn No Surrender Scream What U Mean Won't be your Fool Terror at 10,000 Feet Too Much Love To Late Another Man The more I love you - the Harder it gets Time won't buy you Love Walking Wounded (might be pre-Aircraft) I'm a Believer (cover of Monkeys tune) Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo (cover of Rick Derringer tune) Alot of this stuff might make Rob cringe now, I don't know, but, to any of us around LA at that time will remember most of the bands sucked, especially the ones getting contracts. Most of the music from that period could not stand the test of time. I still firmly believe that if Aircraft was signed in 1985 they would be looked upon as one of the great bands of the period. Good songwriting and performances, along with Rob's quick wit made Aircraft shows special. I still think Midnight in Hollywood could have been a #1 single!

(and thanks to Chris Medaglia - - for the really cool fliers and to Ken Carpenter - for the story!)

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