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- Libido - Pass the Dutchie - 28 Teeth - Barfly -

1. Barfly
2. More Than Your Eyes Can See
3. Poorboy
4. Few Too Many
5. Tool
6. Nite Lite
7. I Can't Believe
8. Irish Drinking Song
9. King Of The Box
10. She's Fat
11. Ah Yeah
12. Happy Stay
13. Voice In My Head
14. New Generation
15. I Don't Wanna Be No (J.B.J.)
16. Sappy Love Song
17. I Don't Seem To Care
18. True Or False
19. Voice In My Head '96


these are the hard times 
these are the good times 
these are the fine times 
the keep me in lines time 
until you went away 
now these are the hey days 
the never get laid days 
the play with myself 
and forget about my health days 
won't you come back to me? 

i love that way you walk 
the way you smile 
the way you talk 
and i love 
the way you torture me 

now i'm a barfly 
i wish that i would die 
i never thought it  would be this way 
and i can't understand why 
you went away 
it's so mysterious 
makes me delirious 
sometimes i'm curious 
but all around furious 
won't you come back to me? 

More Than Your Eyes Can See 

i'm still alive and i rely on my will to survive 
cause i'll know someday that i'll be ok 
and i'll have done time 
i won't give up, no i won't come back down 
until i've made my mark in this world 
and to everybody who's doubted me 
i've got a lot more than your eyes can see 

i've made it this far so i can consider 
myself to be a success 
but there's still so many paths 
i need to take 'till i can rest 
i must decide which way i'm gonna  go fill my soul 
the future is starting to brighten 
and success is starting to show 

i've got more than your eyes can see 


he's a poorboy 
he lives on the street 
he's got no money 
and no place 
to sleep 
he shops at goodwill 
then he buys some wine 
he picks through dumpsters 
where he likes to dine 

he's a poorboy 
he lives on the street 
he's got no money 
and no place to sleep 
he'll wash your windows 
for a buck-o-nine 
he don't pay taxes 
he hasn't got a dime 

ooh he tells me 
he'll work for food(2x) 

Few Too Many
spill your drink on her dress 
you see her face she's not impressed 
and i think and i guess 
that you've had a few to many 
go to the bathroom only to find 
the door is locked and it's occupied 
you spill your guts all over the place 

i think you've had one to many 
i think i've had one too few 
i think you'll find 
that the room is spinning 
and i think i'll have a laugh on you 

your distorted vision and your sweaty palms 
isn't helping you keep calm 
records are spinning they don't seem to quit 
your girlfriend is screaming she's having a fit 
broken a window fell off your chair 
the gum you were chewin' is now in your hair 
you run to the back to get some fresh air 
thinking to yourself life ain't fair 

an empty bottle on the floor 
your passed out cold buy you want some more 
you try to speak but your mouth is numb 
too much drinking is what you're done 


fast and clean 
in his rhythm machine 
he goes down to the beach 
but little does he know 
the girls down there 
are out of his reach 

he has a good time 
but drinks too much wine 
he's headed for 
the disaster of a lifetime 
and now the guys 
from the bad boy club 
are callin' out his name 

he goes down to the liquor store 
to buy himself a beer 
he parks his truck 
with a ten inch lift 
and stickers that sayd NO FEAR 
out of his truck he struts inside 
with his OAKLEY cool dudes shades 
he says his parents 
bought me this truck 
because in high school 
i got good grades 

he went back to check out a band 
at a local grunge band bar 
he saw a man who 
was screaming out loud 
playing "e" chords on his guitar 
it's on the radio 
it's on the video 
it's in the stores 
and all the tv shows 

and now the guys 
in the bad boy club 
are calling his name 

Nite Lite 

can't you see me smilin' 
that's me upon the silver screen 
can't you see me lyin' 
lyin' in my bed at night as i dream 
in the misty moonlight 
by the flickering firelight 
and everything is alright 
as long as i've got my nite lite 

i get scared of the dark 
i lose my bite and i lose my bark 
i need a little beacon or spark 
something to light my way 
there's so many monsters to fight 
coming out of my closet 
when it's late at night 
and everything is alright 
just as long as i've got my nite lite 

I Can't Believe 

i can't believe what i'm hearing 
i got the news today 
now everybodies talkin' 
i wish they'd just "shut up and think" 
i can't believe the hatred 
in the american people 
is it mental illness 
or simply mass confusion? 

you can't judge a man 
by the color os his skin 
you can't judge a man 
by the clothes that he is in 

there's racial war 
goin' on out there 
and everyone's involved 
it just keeps getting worse 
seems like we'll never get it solved 
so who will take control 
and bring is all together 
cause if no one really cares 
it'll be like this forever 

Irish Drinking Song 

i stumbled in at 2am all drunk 
and full of smoke 
my wife said "i've had enough" 
that's it, i'm sick, get out!" 
so i stumbled down to kelly's pub 
across the edge of town 
and i told the boys me story 
and we had another round 

and we'll drink and drink and drink 
and drink and drink and drink and 
and if i see a pretty girl 
i'll sleep with her tonight 
i'll drink and drink and drink and 
drink and drink and drink and fight.... 

and mary McGregor 
well she was a pretty whore 
she'd always greet you with a smile 
and never lock her door 
but on the day she died 
all the men in town did weep 
for mary McGregor finally got some sleep 

well i once loved a girl 
a child i'm told 
i gave her my heart 
and she gave me a cold 
so now i sit standing 
out in the pouring rain 
i'll stumble back to kelly's pub 
and cry away me pain 

King Of The Box
i am king of a little old thing 
i like to call my home 
it is nice cause i gave it life 
and i never feel alone 

it's just a place where i can go 
that'll never let me down 
and when i'm in there i'm never scared 
and i never wear a frown 

from inside i never hear 
the world and what's around me 
i've got no rules in my home 
and i've got nothin' to see 

i live in a box-that's where i'll be 
i live in a box-that's what you see 
i'm the king of the box and it listens to me 

it's just a place(3x) 
just a place that listens 

She's Fat 

she's fat, she's a slut 
she told me i had a cut butt 
right away i fell for her 
she made me feel so secure 

i don't mind her being all that 
i don't mind her being fat 
but she told me a big white lie 
how could i look her in the eye 

she told me that she loved me 
was it just a lie? 
now she's with someone else 
she waved me goodbye 

now that  time has passed 
i can't see to get her off my mind 
they say the pain will go away 
it's just a matter of time 

Ah Yeah 

all of out lives and 
all our dreams 
seems to come 
apart at the seams 
but in the night 
we dream of better 
things to come 

there's gotta be 
a better way 
we tend to fantasize 
even though reality 
will open our eyes 

why do we push our dreams aside 
we must open our hearts 
and then our minds 
if it was all left to me 
then we would all live in a dream 

but when we try to find another reason 
all we find is displeas'in 
it's a wonder we don't lose 
all hope and faith 
and if we could  dream all day 
we'd pray for things to go our way 
and all our lives would see a happy day 

Happy Stay
your days of sorrow will soon be gone 
but don't worry now it won't be long 
we'll make you happy we'll make you stay 
you won't get out of here any other way 
sign your name on the doted line 
because right here is where you start doing your time 

the seclusion rooms where you'll stay 
for the first seven days 'till we think you're ok 
your actions will be charted 
everything you do 
your doctor will be here to talk to you in person 

you've been diagnosed as a chronic depressant 
no control of your mind 
a disturbed adolescent 
pitty and sorrow seem to rule your world 
life's vicious circle has taken it's twirl 

Voice In My Head 

i woke up this morning 
to a voice in my head 
it said it's time to get a job 
it said it's time to more ahead 
it's time to do what's right 
it's time you get a life 
it said go to the closet 
and picked out some clothes 
make a healthy breakfast 
and a cup of jo 
it's time to do what's right 
it's time you get a life 

so i went to the closet 
and looked at my clothes 
and thought to myself i'm screwed 
a beat up old jacket and a pair of shoes 
that the dog has definitely chewed 

i rolled out of bed 
and to my surprise 
repo men was at my door 
with disgust in his eyes 
it's time to do what's right 
it's time you get a life 
then he took all my stuff 
and laughed in my face 
gave me the finger 
and said you're a disgrace 
it's time to do what's right 
it's time you get a life 

so i looked in the mirror 
and i thought to myself 
that the voice, it could be right 
now it keeps coming back 
and talking to me everyday and everynight 

New Generation 

we're the new generation 
we're keepin' the faith 
the promise of life 
and the human race 
the powers of the country 
will soon be in our hands 
with a new set of people 
talkin' different stands 
a positive attitude is what we need 
to keep life going strong 
for our generation to succeed 

we're the new generation 
we're standing tall 
we're the new generation 
and we'll never fall 
we're the new generation 
it's fast and loud 
we're the new generation 
and we're proud 

when i first started 
out i couldn't see 
an image of life or 
how it would be 
i always wanted to 
live in the past 
but i'm living for now 
and learnin' from the past 
a positive attitude is 
what we need 
to keep life going 
strong for our 
generation to succeed 

I Don't Wanna Be No(J.B.J.) 

don't wanna be no superstar 
don't wanna be no jon bon jovi 
i only wore my leathers once 
but i was drunk..... 
and that's another story 
don't wanna go on mtv 
i don't wanna be another rock singer 
but i'll take that limosine 
and diamond rings to put on every finger! 

don't wanna be no washed p hippy 
don't wanna be a butt-sucking sellout 
after every tour, i'm in betty ford 
hangin' with the guys 
and tryin' to get the hell out 
don't wanna be no metal hero 
don't wanna have a laser light show 
and when i've gone as far as i can go 
i'll quit the band and go solo! 

don't wanna be no jon bon jovi 
grow my hair down to my buttcheeks 
don't wanna be no jon bon jovi 
wearing leather pants on mtv..... 

Sappy Love Song 

the perfect love song 
doesn't make you cry 
it's filled with sorrow 
and brutal goodbyes 

so if she's cryin' 
you know you've done something right 
and if she hates you 
you'll sleep better at night 

the perfect lover 
never holds your hand 
the perfect date feels 
just like a one night stand 

the perfect girlfriend 
says this is the end 
the perfect breakup 
ends in "can we be friends?" 

I Don't Seem To Care 

i don't seem to care about 
going' to school 
the golden rule 
reading a book 
the president's a crook 

moral values 
a nightly news 
gettin' a job 
that i'm a beer drinking slob 

some people call me apathetic 
(but at least i don't read dianetics) 

i don't seem to care about 
hippy chicks 
porno flicks