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- Pass the Dutchie - 28 Teeth - Barfly - Songs In The Key Of Bree -

  1. Who Are They?
  2. Tell It Like It Was
  3. Something Funny
  4. Falling Back To Sleep
  5. Swimming In The Sand
  6. Sunlight
  7. Awkward Girl
  8. Headlines
  9. Alot In My Head
  10. Here We Go Again
  11. All Along
  12. On A Sunny Day
  13. Pigeonhole Disease

Who Are They?

They say coffee makes me nervous
They say that alcohol spins me 'round
They say that I've got some questionable behavior
And I suspect, it's all written down

Who are they?
And where do they get their information
Who are they?
And where do they get their know
Who are they?
Hey! Where do you get your know

They say I should stop acting like a kid
They say, "HEY!" What's behind them shades?
They say I'm always sittin' writin' in a little book
And they've noticed my car it don't have plates

They've showed up at my favorite place for lunch
They know where I like to go to be alone
Are they a network of experts that don't even need a name
And I still don't know who the hell they think they are!?!

Tell It Like It Was

Wrap your fingers 'round this now
I've heard things about you
Walking the halls we know so well
No way that could be true
You got a girl, said she's a model
Sounds like you've got big bravado

I'd like it if they'd only tell it like it was
I wouldn't mind, but my mind's making such a fuss!
Am I the only one inside here?

Got a job and you make 800 grand
Selling used Isuzus
If the guy on the stage is your best friend
Am I backstage with you?
You got a girl, said she's a model
Sounds like you've got big bravado

Maybe tomorrow when it's said and done
It's all state of mind
We can make these walls come down
and leave it alone, leave it alone

Something Funny

I have waited for you
Every morning
Self supporting
I deploy and listen for it now

It gets written on your face
And then you go to face it
Let's embrace it
Or erase it now


I think that something funny 
Happened to me
I said
I think that something funny 
Happened to me
I said
I think that someone should erase this
Or just face it

This a situation
Understated, complicated
Don't avoid the issue
What's the cause?

It's so written on your face
When you go to face it
Let's embrace it 
Or erase it now

I was always holding on
Involving us, recalling
Waiting for that moment to arrive

Falling Back to Sleep

Eleven O'Clock
Too late for cartoons
I'm going back to bed
There's nothing to do
I've got my dreams on my mind
They seem so real
I'm gonna try and bring 'em back
Cuz they were sik as hell
I was the first in line
I had all kinds of time
All the drags of the world
Were far far behind
I had a peaceful tone
With everyone I know
Didn't have to take a number
Just to get a coffee

Here I go
I'm falling back to sleep

Yesterday morning
I slept until noon
Cuz when I woke up at eight
I wasn't done what I was doin'
I had a dream going on
It seemed so real
So I fell back to sleep
To have another feel

She wore a silky dress
She wore her hair a mess
When the time was right
She didn't make me guess
She had the Maxwell on
It was her favorite song
Not about to get up
To see this moment gone

Here I go
I'm falling back to sleep

Swimming in Sand

He said take me to the sea
That is where I want to be
He said take me to the sea and let
my mother bury me

He was just an orphan child
Grew up in the Cayman Isles
He was just an orphan child that said
He needed to rest awhile

Now I'm swimming in sand
Sinking in vaseline
praying for land 
under my feet
under my feet

He sailed upon the ocean winds
The maritime he called his friend
He sailed upon the ocean winds
until he needed the shore again


I got a letter and a picture from a stranger
I want to meet you, let me tell you who your son is
On the block the people walk and talk and greet ya
I want to take you where they said they saw the sun

Why is all the sunlight gone?
Same old story, gone to meet you
Same old story, sonny boy

And they will and he's lost his mind
Oh and I know now the son is mine

Turn your sunlights on!

Saw the photograph they said it's from a stranger
I saw the photograph, they said they want to meet you
I read the message and already went to see them
I took the photograph, it's really good to meet you

Awkward Girl

I met a girl with awkward moments of beauty
And all her moments in between were too
She's got a smile that takes me elsewhere

She tells me dumb ass jokes
And sings songs out of tune
She's got that so much life
Her spirit fills up a room
She's got a tattoo on the low end

You should see this girl
You should see this girl
She's my sunny eyed girl
You should see this girl
You gotta se her
You should see this girl
She's like diamonds and pearls
You should see this girl
You've gotta see her

I met a girl with awkward kinds of moods
And all her moods in between were cool
She says she likes to keep me on my toes


Policeman smoking pot in the parking lot of a cocktail bar
Rockstar junkie dies of an overdose at 27
We watch it on the tube and listen to it on the radio
The thing that baffles me are the things we cannot see

What we gonna read tommorow?
Something that we see today
Guns and tears and sorrows
What will the headlines read today?

Man of 65 says he's gonna die by the hand of her
Points to a Street woman who's had too much to drink
She chased him into a bank where he screamed call
Nine one one
The thing that baffles me are the things we cannot see

Party winding down
Then a sudden frown
Over a bottle of wine
She said, "That's mine" then a sudden crack
She smashed his face

I guess it can't be seen!
What will the headlines be today?

Alot In My Head

I got a problem with confrontation
There's too much on my mind
I feel my shoulders getting seriously heavy
And my patience has died

I got alot on my head
And I'm wondering will it ever end

I can taste the tension getting inside me
Felt it now for a week
All the travelling's got me tired and angsty
Need to get me some sleep

I started drinkin' 'bout a quarter to three
I thought it would help with stress
I started thinking about the problems that be
And now my head is a mess

Here We Go Again

They had a seaside suite on the weekend of the 4th of July
He had a chocolate treat for every tear she cried
Then she fell down by the hand of him
As she fell down 
She said, "Here we go again."
And, "It's not my fault this time."
As if it ever was before
He's got her where he wants

In the palm of his hand
He's effortless
In the palm of his hand
She's helpless, but
She feels safe when he's around
But she knows it won't be long 
(Until she sees this side of him again.)

She's been down this road a thousand times before
He always seems to come through before she's out the door
But not this time she said, "I'm gonna take my life back from him."

All Along

Where is time 'cause you're feeling much older
I'm alive and living with your cold shoulder
You say those days are over,
I say they've just begun!

It's been awhile and I got carried away
You're bored and you've had your fun
Don't say those days are over
Because mine have just begun.

I've seen my little brother
Freaking out and seeing colors
Feeling green with jealousy
I'm seeing red and Olivelawn

All Along

Is it me or is your mind getting hollow?
In need of leading and you need to be my follow
How we were that summer
Instead you seem much older now
Instead you treat me colder now

Where's my friend, I think he's running away
From all the things we've done
Wanna get you back up here
But you're already gone

Heard about the others
They're at home and being lifeless
Forgot to read a magazine
I guess my constitution's strong

All Along

I could be most anything if I could be the one

On a Sunny Day

On a sunny day
I can see forever
On a sunny day
I used to dream for miles
Upon this hill, where we met
Under blue skies
She said goodbye
Left me behind
Now here I am

I should've won a purple heart
I would've got it overseas
I asked her would she be my bride
In my broken Japanese
But when I looked into her eyes
I knew that it could never be
She said goodbye
Left me behind
Now here I am

I should've seen it from the start
Before I went on bended knee
Her tattoo of a headless snake
Is that what she's suppose to be?
But if I had another chance
I wouldn't act so foolishly
She said goodbye
Left me behind
Now here I am

Pigeon Hole Disease

Our systems are all go
No one here's getting pigeon holed
There's a free line to where we go
Where anything is possible
We're alright
Cause we do what we do and we do it every night
All right
Everyone's got opinions of what's right

But we do what is inside
and still the people will decide

But we're free from disease
We're free from your pigeonhole disease
We're gonna do as we please
Cause that's right

I can feel it
We're in the know
Since being jaded by the business world
We don't fit in
We don't want in
But we know we're never gonna break the chain
In looking back, we'd do it all again
But in the future
We're not gonna be labeled victims

Same Old Song

He walks around in a daze go by so slowly
Thinking about everyone, say they don't know him
Thinking he wouldn't mind or couldn't find
His way around

He's got some friends who fight and diss him
Maybe the girls he likes would listen
If only he wouldn't shy and look into their eyes sometimes

He wanted the same old song
Didn't have a need to belong

He sees the kids outside, they tease him
Maybe they know it's all too easy
If only they knew the boy inside
They just might come around

He's gonna be late in meeting no one
Even could care and he's a slow one
Think of him now when he's away
He's just like you and me