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hey everyone. we are looking forward to new shows as well as new merchandise. due to some personal problems, we are on somewhat of a setback, but when everything is cleared there will be new merchandise such as stickers, new t-shirt designs, and others. so, be sure to check these new items out. also, we are trying to start a street team to get The Stand out and all over the area. please help us out by e-mailing us or contacting us. we would really appreciate your help. sign the guestbook and keep updated for more and more news. thanks everyone. p.s our thoughts and prayers go out to andres and his family.
-Chris B.


long time no update, so lots of news, we went into the studio and recorded our lp called "face down at the bottom of a well" you can go check out two of the songs on the mp3 page.  the cd will be available at the shows for only $1!!!!!  we still have shirts, still only $8 at shows.  you can now also order shirts and cds online. merch order form also wanted to let everyone know that we wrote a new song called "unspoken words".  The song is awesome, you will hear it at our next show, which by the way is friday october 10th.  everyone go see us!!!!!!!!!!!! and finally new pictures are up on the pics page.  flyer


ok i would just like to thank everyone for coming out last night.  the show was awesome, we sounded great and the crowd was killer.  thanks to everyone that cheered, bought shirts and most of all got into the music with us.  ok i also need to add the fact that we are playing another show tonight at 6 p.m.  it's the battle of the bands at pompano indoor skate park. $7, everyone come check it out we are playing with some of the most popular local bands in south florida. (set trigger, cru jones, fallen from the sky, the watergate conspiracy, unwanted superheroes, and so so much more) shows

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