The Band

Real Name: Chad Gray
Instrument: Vocals

Chad Gray, masticator, found his youthful spare hours engaged in gargling gravel and 10w40, about which details are sketchy. His year-round youthful glow is due to his many days spent serenading a furnace as a child. Before forming Mudvayne, he was in a band called Left Standing, and his musical influences include Faith No More, Motley Cre, Nothingface, Strapping Young Lad, and Devon Townsend. Mr. Gray pursued his artisic talents in post-secondary education and got an art major.

His nickname "Kud" is believed to have come from the real word 'cud', which is food chewed again by animals who swallow their food first, then later return it to their mouth and chew it. Go figure. Chad has no formal training in singing and does no special training excercises before shows. While touring, "I sleep a lot. I draw and do a lot of writing." and he likes to spend time on his computer making Lego movies, "I want to win a Lego Academy Award!".

Age: "I was born in 2001." (in the song Cradle, Kud sings "26 years looking back that time is gone..." so he's probably 27 years old in 2001.)
Marital status: "As single as a person can be without being married."
From: "Peoria, Illinois."
Other than your instrument, what do you bring to the band? "I bring alot of artistic ideas."
What was the first record you bought? "Too Fast For Love' by Motley Cre. Motley Cre dude!"
What was the first concert you went to? "It would have been Journey, at a free concert at Daytona Beach Boardwalk."
What is your idea of hell? "A world without music."
What was your first ever job? "Washing dishes in a restaurant."
What is your favourite film? "2001: A Space Odyssey."
What is your favourite comic? "Preacher."
When fame becomes too much for you and you have to fake your own death, what will be the elaborate story that appears in the papers? "The only way to ensure death is a 9mm shot straight through the top of the head...And it's not gonna be a story!"

Quirky Fact: Kud seems to be an obsessed with the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey "In three months I watched the movie 30 times," says Kud, "At one point I watched it 4 days in a row. I couldn't get enough of it. I have it on DVD, and I plugged my headphones into my computer, and just listened to the movie and visualized it in my head."