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There are always a lot of upcoming shows in Buffalo.

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(1/14/03)  Eric, Alex and Pat are no longer in Armed With Intelligence. A new lineup of AWI will continue to play shows and tours, however. Youth Riot from LA, who we were supposed to do a split LP with, has broken up. The Technicalities, who we were supposed to do a southern tour with, went on the tour and had a great time. Almost every show went quite well. The split CD between AWI and Children Terror Workshop from Malaysia should be out soon. Expect another AWI release by the summer. That's all for now, folks! Peace, love and no regrets!!!

(11/19/02) Well, not much progress has been made on this web page, not that anyone cares.  But this is a fun way to relieve my stress...typing into the eternal void of cyberspace.  Cyberspace is a lot like its counter-part, outer space.  Neither one has a limit that the human mind can conceive of, but both challenge us to comprehend vastness and limitless knowledge as abstractions.  How many stars are there?  How many web pages are there?  I believe that in both cases the amount changes so rapidly that it is possible that modern computational devices would have difficulty presenting an answer at any one moment.  Another question I wonder about sometimes is whether or not stars, or for that matter web pages, function like currency?  Of course this question demands a suspension of perceived reality (momentary, if you please, for those firmly grounded).  I have to go now.

(11/12/02)  I hear that "Bowling for Columbine" is a great movie that's worth checking out!  Also, Ying's restaurant in the Buffalo area comes highly recommended, as they have not only Chinese food but pizza!

(11/06/02)  Things are really coming along, friends!  This web page will be pretty nice when it is finally completed, I hope!

(11/xx/02)  A.W.I. is doing well. We just played a really fun, packed show at our house in Buffalo, with a lot of new bands (that were made up of old friends)! Abusing The Word played an amazing set. They are composed of members of Fire In The State and one other friend. Sixteen Wheels of Justice played great, too, mixing melodic hardcore with lead guitar and lots of part changes. Pat was particularly into their music. On Alert is another newer band that rocked the basement. Dan talked about the personal relevance of the possible war with Iraq and really moved a lot of people with his intensity. Also, Splag from Olean opened up the show. Splag will be out of control before they know it. Their songs had the desperation of Catharsis and the brutality of Christina Aguilera (just kidding about that...).

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