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Thursday February 15, 2001
-Wow, so much has happened in 2 days, it's scary.  We got the proof for the liner notes, cover, back cover, etc.  This is the final stage before actually printing the graphics.  This is terribly exciting.  We've made subtle changes to the website.  Nothing major.  One great thing is that I got the order cds thing back up!!  This means that orders can now continue!!!  As I said earlier, we are now making 2000 CDs and as of today, we have just over 1000 orders, so......ORDER YOURS TODAY!!!  Oh, we really wanna welcome Marissa Maley to the project.  She wanted to remain anonymous but changed her mind and we wanted to recognize her.  WELCOME TO THE TEAM MARISSA!!  You can find her stats on the 'people involved' link.  I promise I'll get a pic of her up soon!!  Alright guys, stay tuned, the fun stuff is starting to happen now!!  LATER!!



Tuesday February 13, 2001
-So here's the deal...we are definitely making 2000 CDs.  At this point, we're not sure of the cost.  Some things have changed in accordance to that.  Good news is, THE CDs ARE BEING PRINTED AS I TYPE THIS!!! YAY!!!  Who would have thought this thing would actually happen?!?!?  Hey, Full Range, I finally got my lazy ass up and put you guys on the bands involved list.  Sorry it took so long, major life crisis for me recently.  I just want to mention to everyone that Myke Armstrong is the man.  He made a new cover for the CD and the liner notes and they are spectacular.  If you wanna know more about this badass, go to the people involved section and check out his stats.  Thanks Myke!!  Oh, there's something wrong with the order cds form.  I haven't been receiving any orders since the server that it sits on went down.  I'm in the process of fixing it so bear with us.  Peace out for now guys...REMEMBER, 3-11-01, A DATE THAT WILL LIVE IN INFAMY!!!!


Thursday February 1, 2001
-Well, this is the final time that we are going to change our minds.  We are going to put the final count of CDs to 2000.  We have a wonderful sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous, which is cool.  Anyway, 2000 CDs, that's all, that's it.  The CD is gonna cost 5$ with $1.30 US shipping and 4$ International shipping.  Go to 'order cds' to place your order.  Peace out!



Sunday January 20, 2001
- We have taken all the pre-orders that we are taking.  Last check we had 957 pre-orders and they have kept coming in.  We've had to stop at 1000.  We are also still looking for a sponsor for the CD.  If you are interested, please email JR for details.  Thanks again guys!!


Tuesday January 9, 2001
-At the moment, we are in the process of finding out if there will be 500 cds, or 1,000.  The prices will vary per amount of CDs we decide on or can afford.  It all depends on if I can find a sponser willing to temporary donate $3,000.  All sponsers get full reimbursment, their name in the cd linear notes if they act fast, and a free copy of the tribute album.  If anyone is interested, contact me at: ASAP!  But as far as the prices for the CD's go, I'm expecting the price to be around $6.55 or something. That would include the cd and shipping (unless you're international, then it'll be a tiny bit more). I will email everyone I recieved a preorder from with instructions on when to send payment and all that information.  Check back here in a few days to see if I made an announcement doing so, if you didn't get the email, then one, you weren't one of the 500, or I didn't get the preorder at all. But I won't send that email out until I know for sure if it's going to be 500 or 1,000 cds available.

For those bands that have been given the green light for the album, if you have not sent your band photo's and/or thankyou's, do so now before it's too late. If you don't, your face and thankyou's will not be known by those who get the cd. Also in the news of the 311 Tribute Album, we have finally settled on a cover for the album, I really love it.  Our own Lauren Potts did it all with my little dude that I drew around the time we came across the title name for the album (which is: Standing on the shoulders of giants: A 311 Tribute).  So if
you want a peep at it, go here.  Tell us what you think of it, but don't get too compfy with it, acording to Lauren, she said she has a few changes here and there, she'd like to tool around with, but this is the giffs of it.  (Link to cover)

We wanna welcome Laura Saffer to our quaint little project!!  She's doing the CD Layout!!  THANK YOU LAURA!!!! We also wanna welcome 3 new bands to the project.  These will be the last 3 that will be added.  Thank you to Haze, Chump and Relese.  You guys rock!!!


Sunday December 10, 2000

-We added another band!!  Welcome to the team Mass Coexistence, we're glad to have you!  As of today, we have 14 more CDs available for pre-order.  So don't wait, get it now.  If we go over, the last few people will not be able to recieve a CD.  We will let you know if you don't make it.  Sorry it has to be this way, but we could only get 500.  This thing is gonna happen!  I can't believe it!!  PEACE OUT FOR NOW!!


Friday December 8, 2000

-Well gang, I have good news and I have bad news.  Good news is, we have 440 pre-orders in so far.  Bad news, we're capping it at 500.  That means that if you have not already pre-ordered your copy of the CD, you need to do so NOW!!!  Aight, we also have to ask if there is anyone that would like to sponsor the making of the CD?  We at the 311 Tribute Album Project are not rich by any means and are asking for someone or several to sponsor us.  Email JR @ if you are interested.  If you do decided to sponsor the CD, you WILL be paid back in full.  We just need the money upfront to get the CDs out.  Thanks again for all your support!!  PEACE!!


Tuesday December 5, 2000
-We added 4 more clips!!!!  I wanna welcome a new band as well!  Thanks for signing on Self Center Project!!  Also, I talked to Peter Raspler today and the new 311 album is coming out really well in the studio so far!!  He said and I quote, "you haven't heard the best yet."  I don't know how excited you guys are, but I know that I am elated!!  I cannot wait for this new CD.  Anyway, go in there and check out the clips!!  Let me or JR know what you think!!


Monday December 4, 2000
-Man, have we got some updates for you guys!!  Here's what we have.  I wanna say HELLO to some new bands that we've got on the project.  WHAT'S UP TO: Hempus, Nine Foot Zero, LXIX, Superpunch!, and Delta 9!!!!  Welcome to the project.  Even more exciting than adding new bands, we now have CLIPS FROM THE CD!!  I couldn't believe it either!  Go to the 'listen to clips' link and check 'em out!  Let us know what you think of the clips by emailing us!  We wanna know what you love and what you hate.  Things are shaping up rather nicely here!  Looks as though 3-11-01 is going to be a reality!!  THANKS FOR ALL THAT HAVE HELPED US THROUGH ALL THIS!!  LOVE YOU!!!  Peace out for now!



Saturday November 25, 2000
-Well guys, it seems as though the voting booth for the poetry section was fairly cheat proof.  I wanna say congratulations to Aurora for her poem "Rhythmic Evolution."  She was the winner of our poetry contest and will subsequently be included in the CD booklet for the 311 Tribute CD.  I don't know if you guys know this or not but The 311 Tribute CD Site is now featured on 311's official site ( under the "Happenings" and we are also featured on  This is amazing news for the staff here!!  We were so excited!!  I wanna personally thank Joan O'Reily as well as Peter Raspler for making this happen!!  THANKS GUYS, WE COULDN'T DO THIS WITHOUT WONDERFUL SUPPORT!!  And to the bands involved: DEMOS, DEMOS, DEMOS!!  We need them!!!!!!!!  Talk to JR, let him know the status, but we need those demos.  Thanks, and PEACE for now!!!


Friday November 3, 2000
-Well guys, I must apologize for not having updated in a month.  I've been busy as crap at work lately.  Anyway, we've got some stuff added to the site.  We want to welcome 2 brand new bands to the scene.  Thanks Shaft Zero and Southside Hero for your contributions.  Also, we've added a place for you to vote for your favorite poem on the site.  Basically we didn't have enough room in the CD cover to put all of them in so we want you to pick your favorite.  I  made this voting booth un-cheatable.  You can only vote once.  Lets's see, oh yeah.  BANDS, GET YOUR DEMOS IN BEFORE DECEMEBER OR YOU WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE CD!  Sorry to be so harsh but it's getting to be crunch-time and we need to pick up the pace.  So, unless otherwise instructed by JR, you have until Dec. 1.  Lemme think...I believe that's it for now.  PEACE!!!


Friday October 6, 2000
-Once again, we are humbly asking for anyone to help us out here at the ole 311 Tribute CD Site.  Basically now that things are rolling along, we need to start making this CD known to the general public.  We wanted to hold off so that the Unity List members had first take at the pre-orders.  It's now time to go global.  If you'd like to help advertise, go to the link on the site entitled 'advertisements' and see how you can help.  Thanks a lot guys, this project would be nothing without your help!!  PEACE!!



Wednesday October 4, 2000
Well, demos are coming in and and things are taking shape. The March 11th, 2001 release date still looks good to go. For those bands that have their grace periods, Remember you have til Nov. 1st.  For those bands that are unsure of where they are at this point, you need to contact me immediatly at:  We can arrange a grace period for you as well, but if the bands lolly gagging around can't do it, tell me now because we have at least 10 other bands that want to catch a ride on this train.  Thanks to those who have sent their demos, and for those who haven't please contact me and tell me where your band is at. Thanks!

-JR Barnett


Monday September 18, 2000
-As the wheels of the NAME THE CD CONTEST grind to a halt, I have but one thing to say...CONGRATULATIONS TO MITCH (whatever his last name is)!!!!!  YOU WON OUR CONTEST!!!!!!  So I suppose that you get a CD entitled "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: A Tribute To 311"!!!!!!!  That being said, we still want your ideas about what the cover should look like.  Once again, I want to make this clear, THIS IS NOT A CONTEST!!!  Send your ideas to LManer311 or JrBarnett311.  I think that's it for now, once again, CONGRATS MITCH!!!  PEACE!!!!


Wednesday September 13, 2000
-Alrighty, I have an important announcement to make.  Whoever wins the NAME THE CD CONTEST gets themself a FREE COPY OF THE 311 TRIBUTE CD!!  I know, I know you're saying to yourself, DAMN these guys are generous, LOL!!  Anyway, go vote for your fav cause he/she will win a free CD.  Deadline for voting is next Tuesday, September 19th.  And please guys, no cheating.  Also, for those of you on the Unity list, you already know this, if not I've got another announcement.  If you think you've got a great idea for the cover of the Tribute CD, send it in!!  We'll take your ideas and suggestions and incorporate it into a design!!  I do wanna say that THIS IS NOT A CONTEST.  We just wanna see what you guys had in mind.  Send your ideas to myself (LManer311) or JR Barnett (JrBarnett311).  Deadline for cover art submissions is November 1, so get your butts in gear :o)  Aight, I think that's it for now!!  PEACE!!!


Tuesday September 12, 2000
-I opened up a voting booth for you guys to decide what you want this album to be called!!  Go in there and vote for what you like.  You can only vote once per day so make sure you really like the name, lol.  The link is 'vote for the cd name'.  Also guys, thanks for all the pre-orders that you are sending in.  We have gotten a great response so far.  For those of you who want this CD and haven't pre-ordered, go ahead and put your name down so we can reserve a copy for you.  Once again, thanks to all that have responded so far and I can't wait to make this thing happen!!!  VOTE VOTE VOTE, LOL!!  PEACE!!!!


Monday September 11, 2000
-Okay here's the deal guys.  The pre-order form was not working correctly, much to my dismay.  Anyway, if you have already submitted your request for a pre-order, DO IT AGAIN.  We did not receive any pre-orders so far because the form wasn't working properly.  For those of you who haven't submitted your request yet, get on it!!  Hehe.  Go to the 'pre-order your cd here' link and take care of business, lol.  Aight gang, peace out for now!!

Tuesday September 6, 2000

-Well I put up a place for you guys to put your name down on the list as someone that wants one of these great CDs.  Go to the 'pre-order your cd here' link and fill out the online form and send it in.  Basically, we need to know how many people want it and where they're coming from.  Hope to hear from you soon!!  PEACE!!


Monday September 5, 2000
-Well guys, things are still chugging along but there is one really exciting thing I'd like to re-announce!!!  THE CD NAME CONTEST.  That's right folks, don't think we forgot!!  For those of you who have sent in names, I've put 'em up on the link to the left.  For those of you who haven't sent in anything and know about the contest, SEND SOMETHING IN!!!!!  For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, you have an excuse, lemme explain.  Aight, we're letting the fans name the CD.  Email me your ideas and I'll put em up!!  Look at the 'name the cd contest' link to the left to view what others have come up with!!  KEEP THE NAMES COMIN'!!!!!  PEACE!!!


Monday August 28, 2000

-Okay so maybe I lied about that unnamed band being the last cause we just added another and these guys kick ass, I've heard some of their stuff.  They're called Joy Ride and they're out of the island of Guam.  They should prove to be a major asset to the Tribute CD.  Also, I want to announce the "NAME THE TRIBUTE CD" contest.  That's right folks, the album name is up to you guys.  Email your ideas to myself, LManer311, or JrBarnett311, the producer.  Also, to all the bands, don't forget to get those demos and pictures in the mail.  We need 'em soon so we can start putting this thing together!!  Peace out!!!!


Thursday August 24, 2000

-Damn guys, sorry it's been so long since the last update, it's been pretty wild in the ole life of LManer311, lol.  Anyway, we gotta 2 more bands, G.R.A.S.S. and the other had not decided on a name, thanks a lot for helping guys!!  The band with the undecided name is the last band that will be on the album, however we will be accepting alternates in case a band falls through.  For those bands that made it, start sending in your pics and demos!!  Also, I added 2 more poems but we still don't have enough.  Please keep 'em coming!!  Aight, I think that's gonna do it, PEACE!!!!!


Send your pics and demos to:

JR Barnett
15380 W. Lyons Rd.
Westville, IL 61883

Friday August 4, 2000

-Added the poetry section!!  Come check out what people had to say about the way 311 makes 'em feel.  We can ALWAYS use more poetry, please don't hesitate to send more.  And by the way, these poems will go in the CD booklet!!!  I also wanna give a big ole 'what up' to our new band on the list, Proverb!! Man these cats can play some 311, lol!!  Peace!!


Monday July 31, 2000
-We just got 3 bands added baby!!  Aaaaaaawwww yeah, lol.  Welcome aboard District 5, Grey DJ, and Sinergy!!!  Can't wait to here you cats on the CD.  Pretty soon I'm going to add the poetry I've received to the page.  I ADDED A CHAT ROOM!!!!  Now you cats can talk and whatnot, it's so fun!!  LOL!! If you can't tell, I'm really excited about this CD and this page!!!  Sign the book, KEEP VOTING, and stay positive, peace!!!!!


Wednesday July 26, 2000

-People involved just got a face lift, literally, lol!!  Go there and check out what our crazy mugs look like.  I cut the picture but in Lauren's photo, to her left, viewers right is the guitarist from Incubus.  How dope is that?  Ask JR to tell you his funny story about Mike, lol.  Check out the new stuff and KEEP VOTING!!!  And don't forget to sign the guestbook, keep us motivated!!


We STILL need some pictures of you guys so we can add to the CD booklet.  Please send your pics to JrBarnett311 so that we can continue with the graffix layout!!


Tuesday July 25, 2000
-New band added!!  Give your props to Brodies for jumping on board.  We added some new FAQ's to the ole list.  Check em out so you can be that much more informed.  Sorry it took so long for updates, I've had a crazy weekend.


Friday July 21, 2000

-New bands added!!  Thanks Go!Shogun and DJ Skittles for helping us out!!  I also wanna thank Ryan Korth for joining the production team!  We've added a band progress report page where the bands tell you guys how they're coming along.  Also for all you cats that aren't in a band, we are going to have a poetry section in the CD booklet!!  Start writing a few stanzas now!!  Keep topics to 311, Unity, Brother/Sisterhood, and other positive natured things.  Email the poetry to LManer311 or JrBarnett311.  That's it for now so, check out the new stuff, sign the guestbook and continue to vote!!


We need some pictures of you guys so we can add to the CD booklet.  Please send your pics to JrBarnett311 so that we can continue with the graffix layout!!


Thursday July 20, 2000

-Emailing list launched.  Go here, add your name to our list and we'll make sure you know what's going on at all times.  Guestbook added, SIGN!!!!!!  Counter added at the bottom of this page.  We also added some bios for the people that are involved in making this project happen.  Check out the new stuff, more things to come.  Soon we will be adding some pre-pre-pre-recordings of the songs from the bands.  Later!


Wednesday July 19, 2000

-People involved added.  Go there and check out who's involved in this whole operation.  This list is very short.  We need more people.  Also, if you are helping and aren't on that list, lemme know, I just took over the site and I have no clue who all is involved!!


Tuesday July 18, 2000

-Voting booths open for business!!!!  So go there and cast your votes for what you wanna hear on the 311 Tribute Album!!!