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spew's band bio:

spew is an industrial/techno/punk/metal band out of the Twin Cities area. they were formed 3 years ago by Dave Boner (former-guitarist) and Aaron Spew. The next to join, to make spew a trio, was Blaknite-X (former-samples). pretty soon the band went back to a duo after Boner left. Aaron and X then were joined by Wil and Guide (former-guitarist). but yet again, they were reduced to a duo when Guide and Blaknite left the band. this is the time period when most of the work for Statistic was done. Wil and Aaron did most of the tracks, but they were joined by Junky J (former guitarist) and Binary D (former-sampler). In the early summer J left and D was on the verge of moving. Jive was soon to replace to Junky. Next in was Roman SPew in the fall of 2000. the latest addition to spew has been the band's first drummer, Nate Dogg. In 2001, the band played its first show, showed off their music at a NAMM convention, and is releasing an EP.. all within 2 months.