A Word From Jello:


Hi everybody,

It's time for an even bigger rant than the one I left yesterday. For those who did not read my last "word" please read it before continuing.
Ok now that you have read the great injustice that was done to me, it's time for me to report on Jimmy Buldge's attempt to repair the blow he made to my ego. I will admit that an attempt was made but I don't know if the effort was really there. I mean first of all it's in a section of the web-site that is very obscure. And, in his explanation of the type of stuff that he feels fits on this page, he continues to slap my face. And I quote, "So welcome to the part of our site that has all the miscellaneous crap we couldn't categorize into any of the other sections." "Crap" He calls things on this page "crap." And, since the so-called improved link to my page appears on this page, he must be saying my page is crap. However, I will give him credit he lists my page as a link that doesn't "suck" so I suppose that is a good thing. Also he does send me a little praise. And in addition to also he lists his page as being one that does, "suck." Now when you put all this together I was going to forgive him. But I challenge you to go to this page and click on my link. And see where it takes you. I'll give you a hint it takes you to a page that he said "sucks."

Catch you all later,

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