A Word From Jello:


Hi everybody,

Have you checked out www.rapskalion.com yet? Well if you haven't your not missing much. Most of the pages are blank. Sorry Jimmy Buldge, I have to make fun of it while I still can. There is no doubt in my mind that when you get around to adding everything, it will be the better of the two. But fans keep in mind that this was the first. Therefore it's a classic. I don't know, I'm just talking out of my ass here. Mainly I was offended that the only link to this web-site is a little tiny spot that says "Non-Flash Site". Is that all this is now. I'm so sorry that I don't have anything cool and flashy. I'm so sorry that my site is done with old technology. I'm so sorry that your computer talents out way mine by the truck load. But, I demand that the new site put this page on a real link. Titled something to the effect of: The Classic Rapskalion Site.

Anyway that leads me to the updates. I have changed the main page of this site to address my anger on being cast aside so easily. I have also updated the links page. On here you will find the link for the superior yet empty new Rapskalion web-site. Also other links I enjoy, so as to give me the ability to go to them in a lazy fashion. They are mainly there for my benefit but you can enjoy them too.

Catch you all later,

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