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Joe | Josh | Stinky


Joe Vocals/Guitar

Joe plays a 1987 Fender Japan Stratocaster or a 1961 Duo Sonic Fender, loaded with Dean Markley Regular 10-46 Strings, through a Marshall MG-100 RCD Amp. Occasionally Joe will lay it down with a Zoom 505 Effects pedal. The reason for the Dean Markley strings, is because they are the only ones that will last him over a week.

Nicknames: Superman, 'Since', AiR, The FLY, Dork, Nerd, Bo, Loopy

Date of Birth: July 18, 1981

Hobbies: Video Games, Basketball, Soccer, Movies

Marital Status: Not Single, Not Taken, Just Not Available

Favorite Bands: Unwritten Law, Pennywise, blink -182, Decendents, NOFX, The Offspring, Homegrown, The Aquabats, Mustard Plug, The Castaways, Counting Crows, Black Sabbath

Favorite Movie: Dumb & Dumber

Favorite Foods: Fettichini Alfredo, Mac & Cheese

Favorite Beverage: Apple Juice, Crystal Pepsi (RIP)

Quote: "Vivo en el bano!!" and "Why do today what you can put off till tommarow?"



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